Gladius Airdrop: Learn About Gladius

We are excited to announce the Gladius Airdrop!

Our Airdrop gives you the opportunity to earn Gladius Tokens (GLA) while learning about our project. By participating in the Gladius Airdrop through beta and speed testing, you can help us improve our project and encourage others to as well.
How does the Gladius Airdrop Work?

Participants are able to earn points through a variety of challenges. The more points one earns, the higher rank one can attain. There are 5 ranks, and the difficulty of the challenges increases with rank. At the conclusion of the Airdrop, Gladius Tokens (GLA) will be awarded based off rank.

Ways to earn points:

Watch our explainer video
Join our Beta program (Currently only available for those with 30mbps upload)
Speed Testing
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Join our Telegram group

Earn up to 20 points total by encouraging others to join

Up to 10 points (1 point per reference) can be awarded for sign ups to the Gladius Airdrop.
Up to 10 points (1 point per reference) are awarded to references that click the link to our speed test.

How to Join the Gladius Airdrop:

Go to
Join our Telegram
Once prompted, follow the bot guided process.

Information from Gladius Medium:

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