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How to verify the client will teach the KYC.LEGAL

How often do we have to confirm our identity in everyday life? Yes, literally every day! Residents of megacities generally have to carry a passport with them, so that they can be identified at any time by representatives of the police or state municipal bodies. We can’t even imagine how it was possible to have a document without a photo before, or even live without a document.

The question of identity after the popularization of digital money with the use of blockchain-technologies became very acute. Financial companies need to improve the organization of the control process with the help of KYC (know your customer) to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements for user verification in order to avoid the promotion of fraud. The complexity of the KYC test represents processes that require manual participation, as well as the quality and availability of data.

Blockchain-technology, using a decentralized data register, can solve the problems of KYC processes. Decentralized data registers allow you to store any data, including identification data.

Taking advantage of these features of the blockchain-technology company KYC.LEGAL has created a service that will allow other services using KYC tokens to conduct user verification and prevent fraud. Based on blockchain-technology as a tool for protecting and verifying personal data for Internet users, KYC.LEGAL provides: Users: comfortable and fast verification process, protection of personal information using encryption and biometric data, data placement on the user's device, control over the data provided, digital signature for document verification. Service providers KYC tokens holders: KYC compliance, reliable and reliable user information, fraud prevention, ecosystem for interaction with customers.

In addition, KYC tokens are filled with a set of functions that, if desired, allow KYC token holders to create additional revenue streams. The technology and tokens KYC.LEGAL are completely created on the Ethereum platform.

Access to the database can be obtained in three different ways:

  1. Direct treatment. Direct appeal to the Smart contract for Solidity. With the interface of our Smart Contract, you can interact either through a server or application, or directly. (for example, you can check another user or see the list of verifiers).
  2. Access through the API server. Services can communicate with system users through the API to check their users through KYC. The API provides a QR-code service that allows you to request personal data from the service and identify them.
  3. Mobile application. The mobile application communicates with the database through the API server. This method is used when interacting with the system as the main one and is available to all users.

At what services can you use the method of user verification offered by KYC.LEGAL. It can be used in any private or state organization where it is required to establish the identity of the user client and confirm the truthfulness of the personal data provided to them, for example:

  • Verification of the user;
  • Registration on crypto-exchange and ICO ;
  • Electronic notarial actions (through the application KYC.LEGAL and notarial digital signature);
  • Electronic medical services (obtaining medical advice, referrals to doctors, digital medical prescriptions that can not be fraudulently obtained and for which prescription drugs can be sold through online stores, etc.);
  • Electronic insurance (instant confirmation of the conditions under which an insured event occurs, etc.);
  • Banking and investment services (for example, obtaining remote loans, verifying financial transactions, opening remote brokerage accounts, remote purchase of securities, etc.);
  • Online gambling (confirm your identity once instead of several verification processes);
  • Social networks.

For those intrigued, I inform you that from November 29, 2017 to March 1, 2018, KYC.LEGAL conducts an ICO, during which KYC tokens are offered for purchase at a price of 1.75 (up to January 24, 2013). Every 8 days the price of the token grows by 0.1 US dollar, so I recommend hurrying.

You will find more information about the project on the official website of the project:

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