Imusify: Your Blockchain Powered Music and Earning Provider

Music is the constant companion of humanity throughout history. When the humankind appeared to recognize their own consciousness and started to evolve with intense velocity, music arose and never stopped evolving along the homo sapiens. It was our way to worship to the gods, it was the most significant symbol of our mood, it was the most real indication of what we feel and even if the music changed a lot, it will remain more or less the same with us.

By the help of the advancing technology, reaching the music is getting easier day by day. The invention of the gramophone and its record, tape and player, compact discs and their players were touchstones for their times. However, after the debut of software-based music technology, those key elements within the history ended up in the knacker's yard and are roughly antique tech parts right now.

A new era opened and now the music industry is in the search for evolving itself to the new standards. What iPod brought as an impact to the centre of the music sector tied with Spotify a few years later. And exponential evolvement goes on.

But the Music sector is not undressed from its problems and Imusify is here to answer to those problems to get the music industry to a high new level.

What is Imusify?

Get paid to listen. Get paid to create.

This catchword indicates the aim basically but let me expand it a little bit more. Imusify is a platform which has the main goal to create an ecosystem that lacks borders internationally and in which lies the opportunity for the fans to connect with the artists and make support for them both financially or spiritually. This interaction or any other kinds of interactions are utilized by the platform's native token. Musicians can monetize their works as well as get the chance to start crowdfunding for their projects.


•The exponentially accelerated transition to digital media has directed to a diminishing degree of advantage for the artists. The exploitation professionals currently encounter is a consequence of the severe incompetence that lies inside the modern centralized music business. A complete lack of transparency in the regularity has driven to failed returns, misattribution of ownership, and incapable authorising methods.

•Apparently, the music is pretty more accessible to global fans than ever since yet the detachment between music producers, partners and part-owner is rising and presenting it more challenging to justly swap thoughts and resources than ever before.

Imusify Solutions

Imusify practices a mixture of innovative treaties and frames to promote a straight peer-to-peer association between artists, fans, and other cooperatives. The project combines the best methods of conventional crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, financial and social networks. By this way, Imusify drops the requirement for enduring go-betweens, fixing incompetence, implementing clarity, and assuring everybody is equitably rewarded for their participation. The usage states cover artist crowdfunding, open artist royalty payments, incentivized content curation, open-source development and network collaboration.

Imusify Token

Token Allocation and Specifics


Road Map

Final Words

The music is important without a doubt and its separation through the entire world is vital for it. Emulsify created a grand ecosystem for both artists and music lovers to expand their words, create and listen to music and win. A remarkable blessing of the blockchain.

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