LIQNET is a cryptoexchange that aggregates liquidity from various platforms thus solving the problem of the splitting of users and their trading orders by forming a unified order book with the best market depth and prices. LIQNET intends to connect to its platform should be checked by LIQNET’s specialists if it has a license to work with cryptocurrencies. The central questions that arise are about economics. BENEFITS OF THE TOKEN HOLDERS: On the growing cryptocurrency market, our ICO may be one of the few options for investors to enter the cryptocurrency services and exchanges market through a finished elaborated project. The voting is away to collect information that helps to determine what is the most relevant and demanded functionality that needs to be developed. The market of cryptocurrency exchange is tightly bound to the cryptocurrencies themselves. It is at the early stage of its development. Studying the cryptocurrencies marke thelps to understand that even with the immense potential,the level of uncertainty around the newpayment and investment tool is still high.
Image result for liqnet Liquidity for the LIQNET exchange is collected both by classical methods. LIQNET’s earnings are based on the commission for trading cryptocurrencies and own arbitration. We developed unique professional web trading terminal especially for cryptocurrencies.Aside from the best practices we created TWO additional Technologies to ensure the best security. You can immediately withdraw your coins by sending order. Our own LEN technology makes liquidity of most cryptocurrency available in one place. This is a service for checking all internal calculations, trades, deposits and withdrawals. It prevents anomalies for safety purposes. It works as a background service for round-the-clock and uninterrupted trade. Customer funds are stored separately in different locations (hot, cold and multi-signature wallets, as well as other crypto-currency exchanges). Therefore, they cannot be stolen completely or lost immediately. Orders are used to maximize and protect profit as a stock’s price rises and limit losses when its price falls. LIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scattering of users, their trading requests, and orders, thus forming a unified order book with beter market depth and beter prices for retail clients (private persons and legal entities) from various jurisdictions. What makes the LIQNET exchange unique is the LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) tool, which allows to colect and combine orders of our exchange’s clients and orders from third-party platforms into a single order package and make them available for trading by all LIQNET’s clients.
LIQNET users will be able to feel the advantages of Liquid Exchange Network (LEN) technology behind the innovative multi-exchange liquidity collection mechanism deployed on LIQNET. LIQNET platform was presented to the blockchain.The exchange is issuing LEN tokens to finance further business development. LIQNET aims to create a unique and reliable exchange that will merge liquidity from competing platforms and solve the problem of industry fragmentation.

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