Crypt-ON Platform Overview

Good day, dear crypto enthusiasts, today I want to tell you about the promising Crypt-ON project and its advantages!

About the project

The decentralized Crypt-ON platform is a truly global project created to solve many problems with lending, cryptocurrency trading, and other relevant aspects. Users of Crypt-ON will be able to conduct high-quality maximum protected transactions, exchange cryptocurrency for fiat funds, and also hire experienced professionals to perform any necessary work. The developers of Crypt-ON made the platform as versatile and high-quality as possible in order to protect their customers from existing problems and fraud.

The developers adhered to several basic tenets allowing them to build a real decentralized platform:

  • Ecosystem format workspace. Crypto-industry is constantly expanding, which forces developers to plan multiple functions and services within their project, this approach allows them to attract new users as efficiently as possible. Freelancers, as well as investors and other users, will be able to perform any necessary tasks using clear and most efficient tools for this.
  • Build a trusted user community. Crypt-ON is not a standard marketplace that treats each user as a simple client. The developers of Crypt-ON are going to attract people to the project who are ready to become full-fledged members of the community to work in order to gradually develop and improve the platform.
  • Building an effective business. Crypt-ON developers provide users with opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation; here everyone can find a business partner for a potential deal. Maximum security allows you to avoid problems with fraudulent schemes. Modern tools allow you to quickly make a decision and enter into lucrative deals.
  • The technology is based on the blockchain. This approach allows for maximum efficiency and speed of the platform. Smart contracts will guarantee fulfillment of conditions in cooperation.

Features and advantages of the project Crypt-ON:

Mankind has tried to regulate financial relations through contracts and contracts. Sometimes it was a successful event, and sometimes it was not. Since sooner or later we all are faced with fraudsters and their inventive mind, able to bypass the regulated rules. In this case, regulated and centralized institutions, such as banks or public financial institutions, have always enjoyed great confidence. But today we are ready to change traditions. Digital currencies have shown us in recent years that money can be decentralized. To guarantee financial solvency, you still have to use top-level banks (for example, to provide insurance against risks of gold and foreign currency deposits), but at the consumer level this need has already disappeared.
Blockchain and smart contracts gave us the necessary set of tools, when it is extremely difficult for fraudsters to approach the user's fraud, and even if this happens, they can be tracked, stopped, and possible risks can be covered.

Crypt-ON will use these technologies. By basing the financial platform on the already known and safe tools, Crypt-ON will lay the foundation for a new concept of the consumer financial market. Each transaction conducted on the platform will not only be recorded, but also provided with a special trust token, which is released by Crypt-ON. In addition, the level of confidence in the participants in the transaction will be formed. And this level will be transformed into a visual rating, which then will become the basis of your safe transaction in any direction.

The crypto community has received an incredibly efficient platform for interaction

Crypt-ON is a decentralized project that opens up new opportunities for people:

  • If you are a trader, but are tired of the constant problems with outdated exchanges, use the services of Crypt-ON. Here you can find the best deal for the exchange and make a deal in a matter of seconds using a smart contract to guarantee.
  • The developers of Crypt-ON are going to use physical ATMs worldwide. This is an ideal opportunity to swiftly exchange cryptocurrency for fiat funds and cash them.
  • Trust tokens for lending. If you have an extra amount of cryptocurrency, you can become not only an investor, but also a lender. The Crypt-ON system allows you to credit users on incredibly favorable terms. Here, everyone can get a benefit: borrowers implement their own ideas, and lenders receive certain dividends discussed at the beginning of the transaction.
  • Today, there are a huge number of promising projects that cannot be implemented due to the lack of experienced professionals in the team. Freelancers will be able to find their niche in the decentralized Crypt-ON platform. There will be many offers, each of which is checked to avoid fraud. If you are the creator of the project, you can quickly find a specialist to perform the task. There is a rating system that allows you to do without unnecessary and complex summaries; you can see all the work done by the author and apply to him with a proposal for cooperation.


The total supply of IPT token is recorded as 200,000,000. The minimum amount to be raised as softcap is $4 000 000 where the maximum amount to be raised as hardcap is $16 000 000. Payments for IPT are accepted only from BTC, ETH and LTC. The total supply of token is distributed as follows.

Operational expenses of the platform management – 5%
Legal support – 5%
Expenses of transition to decentralized management – 5%
Remuneration of mentors of the project – 5%
Marketing and promotion of the project – 20%
Finalization of IT solutions and their launch – 50%
Reserve Fund – 10%.


Crypt-ON is endowed by the successful team with highly qualified and well experience nuts. They are experts in economics, International auditing, Start-ups mentoring, IT solutions development, investment-consulting, Blockchain technology, Programming, data analyzing, Internet marketing, Business Development, Community management, graphic designing, tech-analytics, commercial and social projects, public relationship, Technical support, branding and legal matters and so on.

More information can be found here:

Whitepaper: http://1hfdwieyua7mr71aub70vbjfbk7gjkylmuoq_x2fx5ly
ANN Thread:

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