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Deex exchange is a full-featured decentralized ecosystem that includes a cryptocurrency exchange, a secure messenger, an ICO platform with decentralized escrow, crypto cards and an ATM system.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, where everyone can trade, regardless of experience, whether it is a beginner or a professional. The platform includes a blockchain Fund, a secure decentralized blockchain P2P messenger, a platform for ICO both internal projects and developments that attract investments.

Description of the main DEEX functionality.

The BitShares 2.0 platform allows you to implement the following main functionality of the DEEX exchange:

  1. Creation of a secure cryptographic wallet that allows you to transfer funds with a minimum commission for all counterparties;
  2. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  3. Create your own cryptoactives and trade them;
  4. To make investments, buying tokens of promising companies and participate in the distribution of expected profits;
  5. Create a mechanism for conducting ICO (Initial placement of coins / tokens);
  6. To ensure the highest security and reliability of all transactions in the blockchain network through the DPOS algorithm;
  7. Create accounts with escrow;
  8. Use special gateways (Gates) as mechanisms for transferring funds between different trading platforms and payment systems for entering / withdrawing fiat money.

The DEEX exchange will meet the increased demands of professional market players and be friendly to newbies. We want to make a competitive and profitable trading platform, a point for the development of crypto funds for trust assets management and an automated platform for ICO.

DEEX has possess exchange tokens, which are effectively exchanged. Tokens can be obtained on the exchange itself, and in addition on the btc-alfa, sistemcoin and trade.stex exchanges. This token is a sort of activity when part of the benefits of the exchange is conveyed among the holders of the DEEX tokens. This is extremely a productive interest in an instant and working undertaking! The most essential preferred standpoint of this exchange is that you don't have to experience a convoluted methodology of check of character, with sending your documents, self, and so forth, I was confronted by and by with the issue of pulling back my very own cash on one of the exchanges, till date I can not pull back my cash from that exchange.

Additionally, the developers launched an online store for the offer of cryptocurrency products, the payment must be made with DEEX's own exchange token. Actually, I see an incredible prospect of this exchange, I am happy that there is a prepared and working draft, this isn't simply one more start-up, which finished in nothing. Subsequently, I suggest that you buy DEEX tokens, exchange on this exchange and pursue the improvement of this project in each conceivable way. On the off chance that you need to securely and namelessly exchange a cryptocurrency, you are here. In any case, that is not all. DEEX isn't simply only an exchange, however considerably more. This is a platform for ICO, p2p envoy, the likelihood of buying a cloud hub for getting automated revenue! What's more, with this hub there will be no issues: it doesn't should be designed, purchased or leased a server. Everything is exceptionally basic.

The exchange is very young and today it just does not have a substantial number of users. This isn't amazing and everybody comprehends that the clients can enable the exchange to effectively create later on. Presently the organization is effectively occupied with drawing in new clients and we trust that the experts will truly succeed. Deex Exchange is extremely the future and I prescribe it for all.

In the future DEEX would introduce the following financial instruments:
DEEX.CORE is a mutually beneficial and low-risk investment on DEEX exchange. It is a basic token which gives an opportunity to receive income from the exchange's activities through direct or indirect participation.
DEEX.ICO is an ICO token which allows receiving income from the ICO without having to examine the details of each individual innovation project. By purchasing this token, you can receive revenue from all conducted ICOs on DEEX ICOs; ICO is planned to be based on the solution of the decentralized escrow DESCROW.ORG
DEEX.FUND is a cryptocurrency blockchain fund which allows to invest in different types of funds within the DEEX, depending on the level of the investor's attitude to risk. Managed by DEEX fund traders with an extensive trading experience since 2004.

Technically, Bitshares 2.0 is a high tech decentralized blockchain platform that enables the creation of intelligent and highly efficient financial contracts that are used in the global internet space to provide services for all businesses
In conclusion, a lot of cryptocurrency traders and investors are now gearing up to return to trading and investing due to decentralized exchanges that gives them power over their funds as against the centralizes exchanges which has an ugly reputation of history of fraud/cyber attacks as they feel unsafe to entrust their assets to centralized exchanges. Deex exchange would be the right answer to all these.

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