DEEX-The Revolutionized Trading Platform

The fact is that Centralized Exchanges are widely used in various sectors because they provide customers with a “ready” wide functionality, amassed as a result of numerous years of practice. However, the Centralized Exchanges have only one major drawback, which is centralization.
The following important indicators expose the centralized system to risk and they are; security, unfair competition, the danger of sanctions and political risks. Due to these challenges, it is wise to ask some important questions like; how do you protect yourself and reduce the risks? Is it worth opting for the centralized exchange which has a high risk of losing money? We believe that the solution to these problems is by transiting to a decentralized trading platform without all the challenges highlighted above. That is the reason for creating the multipurpose decentralized Exchange – DEEX, which is an offshoot of BitShares 2.0 platform (Graphene).

About DEEX

The concept behind DEEX Exchange is to build a helpful, useful and dependable cryptocurrency exchange that gives its users the highest state of security for their assets. The DEEX exchange is utilizing the most well-known and advanced resources to create an exchange that will benefit the current global cryptocurrency community. The mode of operation of decentralized exchanges is a genuinely new development in the cryptocurrency world, most completely uncovering the flaws of decentralized blockchain systems where all members have an equivalent rights and chance to participate in the administration of the Exchange's exercises and to play out any tasks of digital forms of money trading among themselves, holding cash in an individual wallet however not in an outsider's wallets unlike the common phenomenon on centralized Exchanges. Worked around the quick and dependable BitShares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain stage, it will shield the clients from the normal inadequacies of brought many exchanges, security dangers, unreasonable rivalry, the risk of volatility, political variables, and significantly more.

To offer its users a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange. The Developers of Deex decided to build using BitShares2.0. DEEX exchange platform operates on the BitShares2.0 platform. BitShare2.0 a high-tech decentralized blockchain platform that offers the opportunity of creating efficient and effective financial smart contracts for most of the type of financial transaction. By doing this the users of DEEX will enjoy decentralization and the beauty of smart contracts creation at the highest level. Some notable benefits DEEX bring includes

  1. DEEX offers decentralization, by building it exchange on blockchain users will have total control over their assets
  2. DEEX offers high transaction speed and performance up to 100,000 transactions per second.
  3. DEEX offers extreme stability by allowing its users to trade in cryptocurrencies at a stable price.
  4. Enables it user with the ability to implement periodic and planned payments
  5. The platform has an easy to use user interface compatible with most modern browsers while also integrating a desktop bidding application into its platform.
  6. A platform you can access on the Go with mobile applications for Android and iOS
  7. The DEEX exchange also has an excellent 24-hour technical support
  8. A large number of trading pairs and a wide selection of trading indicators with high liquidity and volume
  9. DEEX offer a high level of security with the implementation of Two-factor authentication alongside an ability to recover lost passwords
  10. Never have to worry about the loss of asset, theft of hacks because DEEX possesses its own cold storage device where PK is stored offline.

21-23 of November the largest conference dedicated to Internet technologies - Russian Internet Week (RIW) was held in Moscow - This is not the first time when this event pass, but for the first time blockchain development was presented in a separate section – Crypto Event RIW. Progress does not stand still, and more and more companies are betting on crypto projects that can realize the most complex tasks.

The honorary title of "silver sponsor" went to DEEX, a decentralized ecosystem in which the functionality of several projects is combined. Exchange, secure messenger, crypto fund, a network of crypto ATMs, the place for ICO conduction. And all this on the fastest blockchain with an unprecedented level of security and one of the best interfaces among trading Dex- platforms. We told and showed the guests of DEEX booth about this and many other things. During three exhibition days the representatives of the main decentralized ecosystem communicated with the visitors of the RIW conference, made presentations and gave interviews. We have gathered an extensive database of contacts. The most interesting and promising projects will become DEEX’ partners in the near future.
DEEX provides the best terms and flexible listing conditions for new tokens. This was the decisive factor for new partners when choosing an exchange. If you also want to become a part of a decentralized ecosystem, please submit your application here -


SmartCoin tokens are cryptographic forms of money, the value dimension of which is bolstered by different resources, for instance, the US dollar (bitUSD), gold (bitGOLD), and so forth.

DEEX The CORE is the fundamental unit of record of DEEX, giving a chance to make a benefit from market changes of different monetary standards because of the arrangement of keen contracts. The proprietors of DEEX. The CORE will be co-proprietors of the promising eventual fate of DEEX, in this way accessing the dissemination of the organization's salary.

Benefit in the DEEX biological community will be created from all tasks performed on the DEEX trade (commissions for trade exchanges, information and yield of assets, and so on.).

DEEX will convey 30% of quarterly income among holders of the DEEX CORE token. Extra issue and position of DEEX CORE until the entire transfer of the issued coins amid the underlying arrangement isn't arranged at ICO/ITO.

Tokens held by the DEEX Project Consultants (7% of tokens) will be solidified for a large portion of a year. Least cutoff points for the accumulation of tokens won't be set.


Anton Matyukhin is a speculation proficient with over 12 years of involvement in this field. He has broad involvement in business arranging, mergers and acquisitions, planning and raising start-up capital for start-up ventures.

Vladislav Sapozhnikov - fellow benefactor of the organization "Predprocessing Ltd". He has pragmatic involvement in the usage of installment frameworks and preparing in the managing an account part.

Timofey Ra - on account of the amassed understanding and superb learning of the cryptographic money advertise, effectively works with the two his own capital and oversees customer portfolios.

Vadim Romanov is an expert in web improvement and online advancement. He has broad involvement in making and controlling different online tasks.

The DEEX Exchange interface is extremely simple to understand. In addition, developers have devised many options to protect their data. For example, you can turn on authentication and do not worry about what's going on, because in this case, you still need to capture the user's mobile.

Get connected anytime with the Project using the links below for more information, updates and participation:

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