Russian Stips, why all this?

Despite the realities of today, when skeptics are no longer so enthusiastic about the news of the cryptocurrency market, which is caused by the cessation of growth on the stock exchanges in the first place popular coins, the market is inertly developing. Organizers and developers of new, more difficult to offer their projects, because in general the mood is awful. And nevertheless, let me draw your attention to some interesting projects, without clearly expressed explosive ideas.
Today such a project Stips. The first thing that drew my attention is the young Russian development team.

I begin to consider the project itself, in order to understand what we want, where we aspire, who invested, what goals. It turns out everything is very simple. The project is not revolutionary, but ambitious. The main ambition is that the organizers believe that in a developing market, their emphasis on competent analytics will attract more market operators. This is the main feature of the project.
The guys believe that they will be able to use the mechanism of the game thinking of market participants and attract as many traders as possible to a decentralized platform with a powerful, analytical analysis.
And the creation of a new cryptocurrency index STIPS20 will consolidate this success.

Also on the NEM architecture, an open tokenized index fund STIPS | 20Fund is created, which follows the course of the STIPS20 index. This resource promises investors a high return on passive investments. Suggests how to trust professionals.
In this place I would stop, with the thought that the cryptocurrency market a year ago, apparently when the described project began to be developed, and today’s is a whole evolutionary eternity.

On the Bitcoin HYIP and the first 20 coins, it was possible to lazily transfer assets to professionals and not to deny yourself anything else in this life. The realities of today suggest to me the idea that no one but you. Although, this is the construction of my mind and it is certainly far from ideal.
I repeat once again the idea that in my articles and reviews, I do not call for anything, I just pay attention to what I noticed in this huge flow of information in the world of cryptocurrency. The decision is always yours.

I would not like to get into the discussion of the logic of developers about the purpose of creating a project. Especially copy charts and other shots from the company's website. Obviously, being late for dinner, the guys already hold a spoon in their hands, and therefore it is necessary to wave it. Maybe that will fall into it.
I am sure that the organizers and developers had a bad idea of ​​their own user orientation. For housewives and other ordinary people, they are incomprehensible and premature, and for professionals, they are not so authoritative. Especially when you look at the photos of their advisers. I get a review of the company, exclusively through individuals and names. The images themselves, placed on the cover of the site, personally do not cause my trust. Especially Mr. Almazov with a look in an incomprehensible direction.

As if this is not a dating site and romantic feelings, the number one adviser is not required.
It would seem a little Russian carelessness, and the attitude changes dramatically. It is not enough that the organizers do not offer anything to think about in the realities of today's market, but there was no one to advise them on matters of business ethics and psychology. Let them take me, fix it.
The foreign part of the experts is presented in accordance with their experience and education. This makes me happy. Although it is precisely that the average person does not speak about their names.

I will summarize what was said and my attitude to the project found in the flow of information.

The project is not unique.
As a potential user, I am promised a game form and deep professional analysis.
I am invited to entrust the boring management of our own assets into the hands of professionals.
That's how everything that I saw in this project. Psychological motivation is not high. That is, designers and developers did not reach the goal, to convince me of the professionalism of the workforce, and I remain sitting on the edge of the cryptocurrency market in anticipation of new similar proposals.

Such are my conclusions and thoughts.

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