SportsFix- Creating a Digital Stadium that Works

Project Overview

Congratulations to France for lifting the World Cup Trophy again. Yes the game was so exciting but I have still not gotten over not following my favorite team in the tournament –Croatia on their final game against France. I missed watching the game just because I was on a journey so no television to watch the game. Also a friend of mine who had TV to watch the match also complained of not having exciting moment watching the game because it was cloudy in his location, so the Television station displaying the match keep going on Scramble Mode thereby frustrating the show.

The above experiences and other factors lead me into search for solutions. And I found SportsFix.

Sportfix is a platform that will broadcast popular local, regional and international sports matches. SportsFix is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SportsFix is owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA, Asia's world leader in sports content. Why did I have to go through the stress of missing to watch my favorite Team play in the finals when only one or two clicks on my mobile device could have brought the stadium down to me (Digitally) irrespective of my location or position.

Some of the Challenges Rocking the Sporting World

Traditional TV is an antiquated model.
Arbitrage game by larger players that monopolize content.
Poor content discovery.
Aggregated price increases due to a convoluted system of international
No incentive for agents to be transparent about the pricing and process.
Fans end up with more content and channels than they really need
Rights holders sell rights of ALL clubs/teams in league format
Centralized media rights system.
Current revenue opportunities of clubs restricted by collective bargaining.
Unfair/ inequality of revenue re-distribution to clubs/ teams.
Displaced fans worldwide largely cannot access and watch their favourite teams/ leagues/events
Financial constraints for (smaller) sports/leagues/clubs to effectively develop a coherent digital strategy to reach those fans.

The platform offers wide range of solutions to the above challenges and because not the solutions are too numerous, we will just take few of them for the purpose of this article the full details are there in the project whitepaper.

The SportsFix project is a revolutionary digital sports content ecosystem that combines the power of the Netflix platform with modern Blockchain technology iin debundling and decentralising sports media rights, enforcing trust and immutable transparency via SF Tokens (SFT) and smart contracts built on the Ethereum network.

With the introduction of Digital Stadium, fans will not only be able to watch their favorite Team play, but will also have the power to deeply communicate with their favorite team, clubs and sponsors, which they follow, and receive rewards for participation through the platform's internal token.

A sophisticated and transparent data analytics platform in connection with SF DS economy will allow us to serve displaced fans by allowing them to request, vote and pledge for SF catalogue of international content rights.

SF token economy unlocks new opportunities where rights holders (Federations/Leagues/Teams) can tokenize their Live game/event rights and create a Digital Stadium where this ecosystem can flourish between fans and sport. Rights holders can empower and leverage their fan bases as their best marketers through the use of our SFT to connect with their displaced fans. The tokenization of sports content unlocks a new model of content distribution that is decentralized and universally more accessible.

I’m so happy that now, TV will no longer decides
WHAT game I watch
WHEN I watch it
HOW much I have to pay

How it Works

Token/ICO Details

Token Symbol : SFT

Tokens Issued : 800,000,000

Token Price (USD) : 0.10

Pre-sale duration : 4-8 weeks

Total amount SFTs sold : 440,000,000

Pre-sale discounts : 30-50%

Minimum cap ($) : 2,000,000

Maximum cap ($) : 37,200,000


The SportsFix Digital Stadium is the ultimate fan experience combining the excitement of live and Video on Demand (VOD) sports content with the power of social media, gamification, predictions, fantasy leagues and e-commerce all driven by the SFT.

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