StealthCrypto Platform- Revolutionizing, Safeguarding and Ensuring Absolute Privacy in Data Storage System Through Blockchain Technology

Project Overview

Wow, this is a bomb; it has never been seen this way…..welcome to the coolest blockchain innovative platform. StealthCrypto platform is the best place to be if you are talking about Decentralization and Privacy in data transaction storage and ciphers. StealthCrypto provides affordable technologies, increases productivity, ensures data security and broadens your reach.

The future will be the era of quantum technology, and StealthCrypto has it all. With all the innovations and experiences, StealthCrypto will be indeed very helpful for human life in the future. Through a decentralized system, StealthCrypto can eliminate some of the challenges in transactions. Barriers in transactions are some parties that are in the flow of transactions. This section is very import to the success of the transaction.

Cryptocurrency is becoming the most considered means of transactions in several industries of the world today; the cryptocurrency rapidly reached its most recent peak in 2017. Together with their growth in popularity and interest, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are being applied to different industries, ranging from finance, to gaming, gambling, supply chain, manufacturing, trade, commerce and many more.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies on the other side, are the two major keys to a more advanced, democratic and independent society. Blockchain technology has become a force that is giving rise to new, decentralized structures that will shape future societies, economies and each of us individually. Since the creation of blockchain technology, a great number of projects that use this technology have emerged and many more are on their way.

Despite the advancement of technology in the present world and its economy, cyber-security has become a fundamental thing of concern to individuals, governments, cities as well as enterprises. Currently, most individuals and companies are finding it difficult to provide sufficient security regarding their communication. Besides, the current storage of data, telecommunications, video calling software and instant messaging are not completely secured and are easily prone to investigation and utilization by governments, corporations and malevolent third parties, as well as being less resourceful and economical than might be expected.

StealthCrypto tends to solve the above enlisted problems with its tons of experience and knowledge to protect your data using a decentralized Blockchain security technology to protect against emerging challenges in an ever-changing landscape of threats, her powerful network encryption for long-term data protection and the creation of quantum keys and distribution of quantum keys. StealthCrypto ensures security and speed of storage of cloud storage, the StealthCrypto protocols from IoT and StealthCrypto. Quantum secure cryptocurrency will enable the blockchain industry, communications industry, smart city platform and the banking sector to use this technology for data security.

How the platform Works

Users of StealthCrypto quantum cellular networks will be able to exchange QMN tokens among themselves. For these purposes, the creators of the project introduce, first and foremost, the wallet StealthCrypto Wallet with a convenient interface for managing tokens, as well as a simple system for fast translation of the StealthCrypto Pay tokens.

StealthCrypto Token

StealthCrypto Token is utilized in StealthCrypto ecosystem for all transactions/rewards. StealthCrypto is a functional token that will be used to access various features, products and fees on the StealthCrypto platform. Meanwhile, since StealthCrypto services and products become more liquid and valuable over time, we expect that it can be used to rearrange individual portfolios. In other words, the fluidity generated by StealthCrypto can enable users to move allocation between different currencies very fast and easily.

For Sale Token "QMN"

Total chips: 400 million

200,000,000 tokens for the 1st stage of Token Crowdsale

The sale of preliminary chips will begin on January 28, 2018. The initial price of the chip (CIO) will be set at least 50 kroons or at a market value of more than 50 kroons, when the ICO will begin its work on July 5, 2018. 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Step 2 Token Crowdsale (50% of the total number).

Step 2 will take place in the very near future in 2020, and all tokens will be sold at market prices, rather than a fixed price of $ 0.50 (note: any lower percentage will be adjusted based on the actual amount, of the 100M tokens, the following numbers will be multiplied by 0.007)

Token Allocation

The Great Team

StealthCrypto comprises of a Team of professionals who have full understanding of the Objective and the Roadmap of the project and they for sure has the required experiences (in cryptocurrencies, banking, blockchain technology, transaction processes and online marketing) to make the project not just a reality, but a success

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