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Hello, dear guests, friends and regular readers of my blog! Today, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are beginning to attract the attention of new people. Almost every day there are new digital assets, the number of which is more than 2000. The most famous and popular companies, brands are beginning to introduce blockchain technology in their work.

Initially, many did not believe that the cryptocurrency will be able to win the trust of people and become one of the most reliable ways to store and transfer funds. However, now the market capitalization exceeds two hundred billion dollars and it is safe to say that crypto assets are gradually being introduced into our lives. They can repeat the path of the Internet, which too many did not take seriously.

The gradual popularization and introduction into various spheres of people's lives is due to the large number of advantages of digital assets. The main advantages are minimal fees, the absence of intermediaries in the form of banks and electronic payment systems, the ability to carry out transactions in any volume and anywhere in the world, anonymity and at the same time the ability to track transactions.

Some countries have already decided on the legal status of cryptocurrencies and in these countries cryptocurrencies are equivalent to conventional or electronic money. According to experts in the world now operates more than 15 thousand exchangers, but not all are popular and trusted by users. Most of them are centralized and carry the risk of account blocking, hacking, fraud and other troubles to users.

Most likely, the number of cryptocurrencies will only grow for a few more years. Many countries will determine the legal status of cryptocurrencies, as they are also interested in taking advantage of digital assets and making profits. Many people are still afraid to buy crypto assets and use them, because they do not have enough information and do not have experience.

It is in order to help these people to create an innovative project with the use of artificial intelligence, which is called AlphaX.


AlphaX is an innovative decentralized platform that performs many functions, has many tools and is based on blockchain technology. The platform will introduce artificial intelligence to help users, give useful advice and teach. Artificial intelligence is already used in various fields, such as sales robots, smart homes, cars, home appliances, and more.

On the platform, each user will be able to get a virtual assistant. It will provide assistance to ensure that each user can effectively use their capital in the digital asset market and have many reliable sources of information. All transactions on the platform will be carried out using smart contracts. This will solve the security problem.


AlphaX will provide an opportunity to exchange a large number of cryptocurrencies. Assets will be stored on personal wallets with a high level of security and without intermediaries. The platform will have a clear and user-friendly interface both while working at the computer and on the smartphone. People engaged in sales can implement this technology in their companies and conduct transactions using the AX token. This approach will increase the liquidity of products or services sold. Also, the developers have the idea of creating a debit card with cryptocurrency support.


Cryptocurrency AlphaX coin based POS technology. Is fast, secure and anonymous. The purpose of the exchange cryptocurrency transactions — ensuring greater liquidity in different pairs to more affordable exchange worldwide. There is a decentralized Qt wallet. The user will store secret keys in it. To date, there is a private sale of tokens, which will last until January 15, 2019, after which the stage of Open Pre Sale and Open Sale will begin, which will last until may 1, 2019. At each stage there will be different bonuses. The project team consists of professionals in the field of digital assets and plans to be registered on the world's leading exchanges. Also, the project has very high ratings on various sources.


AlphaX platform will be a great help for both beginners and experienced analysts. Now each of us will be able to get qualified support and information for competent financial management in the crypto asset market.

More information you can find on these links:
WEBSITE: https://alpha-x.io/#/home
WHITEPAPER: https://alpha-x.io/assets/website/whitepaper/Alpha-X_Whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/alphax_official
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5028888.0
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/alphaxblockchain/?modal=admin_todo_tour
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/alphax_official
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@alphaX

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