Fund Transfer Moves To The Next Powered By Orbis Platform Via Blockchain Technology.

The advent of blockhain technology has facilitated expediting and the maintenance process in terms of transfer and transacting of investment with simplicity and secured an immutable data for all transactions. I will relish to introduce an innovative project called Orbis which hold the ace in fund transfer that runs on blockchain technology. Orbis Solutions OÜ has build an unique blockchain with two coins that are acclimated to Withdraw ,Transfer with No Fee, Store, Spend and Invest your Money and Cryptocurrency via NFC Mobile App, Desktop Software, Orbis Card or in our future Ecumenical Self-accommodation Orbis Branches.
Orbis will provide innovative accommodations for transfers, payments and investments utilizing information technology.
This technology uses software and computers that sanction people to make transfers, investments, and payments utilizing self-accommodation machines, as well as personal phones and desktop computers with Internet access. We are developing the concept of expeditious, simple and inexpensive financial, investment and financial accommodation transactions that provide customer-oriented accommodations.
Our vision is to engender an incipient financial industry around the world predicated on decentralized technology.
Orbis Solutions
Investments and trading are ruled and governed by cupidinous banks and corporations that control access, operate non-transparently and always take a cut of your mazuma.
As a result the industry suffers from low liquidity in virtual goods and cryptocurrencies, as well as the lack of a single interface to access financial, virtual goods and crypto-markets.
On top of this, the involutions and exclusive nature of subsisting financial systems currently leave over 3 billion people unbanked ecumenical, that’s why Orbis Solutions company came up and developed one great conception
ORBIS Vission seeks to reduce current profits, and provide financial access to 3 million people who by 2020 are not a component of Latin America, Africa and Asia through partnerships with banks. Our self-accommodation platform will provide affordable solutions for these people and give them the first opportunity to finance. This feature will include debit cards, keenly intellective phones with ORBIS payment applications and QR-scanning and barcodes.

ORBIS offers the latest solutions to current standards, so that these incipiently discovered people will not be able to catch up. Secure and illimitable transfers, expeditious transactions and more will be built into the system, from the ORBIS branch to the VR chat robot.
The mission of the Orbis project will offer people who aforetime did not have bank accounts to have debit cards, smartphones with Orbis Mobile Payments applications, QR codes and codes, through a charity project funded by company revenue.
The amount that can be issued by a person will be executed indefinitely in one direction, which is expeditious or two-way, can be utilized. Organizations that have systems that will be engendered at Orbis Branches around the world with homemade cash machines and virtual robots in the authenticity of chatter that can outrun time and human deck quandaries.
Start date: May 1st - 29 October 2018.
ICO duration: Till October 29th 2018
Price of markers in ORBS: 0.50 US dollars.
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, EUR USD
The set token constraint is 80,000,000 ORBS tokens.
Minimum capital increase in ICO: 500,000 US dollars.
Orbis Fund Allocxn..PNG
RoadMap for Orbis
Orbis RoadMap.PNG
Technical documentation:
Telegram: https:
Ann Tread BTT:
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