Cryptoocean The Innovation That Merges Cryptocurrency & Fiat Backed By Blockchain Technology.

Cryptocean utilizes a platform with amalgamations of digital financial assets, cryptoconversion and technology accommodations collaborating in an efficient licit and safe environment.

The Cryptocean platform additionally guarantees compliance with the laws of KYC (Ken Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). With such priority goals, many expect that Cryptocean will become the incipient flagship in the merger of fiat and crypto assets. The main objective of the Cryptocean project is the integration of the traditional financial system into the sphere of crypto-currencies, which should be achieved through the development of a digital ecosystem that integrates financial accommodations with the fintech industry accommodations to licit standards. This structure will efficaciously provide good accommodation to the desiderata of sundry enterprises, as well as people around the world.

Cryptocean offers sundry functions that, according to them, most accurately magnetize not only investors and traders, but additionally a sizably voluminous margin from the consumer market. People who would relish to make their quotidian tasks less labor-consuming, will appreciate the platform. Cryptocean offers the following accommodations:


• Crypto cards - virtual and authentic plastic cards associated with a crypto-purse for transactions between authentic and digital spheres.
• Escrow - for assured crypto-currency payments.
• Crypto accounts - multi-crypto-currency and paper purses.
• P2P transactions - guarantee the exchange of assets through the utilization of Escrow and Keenly intellective Accounts.
• Conversions - instant conversion of crypto coins into a currency or vice versa with a minimum commission.
• Automatic payments - payment orchestrating in crypto currency, or in fiat mode.
• Transfers - efficacious multicurrency transfers.
• Payments - payment for goods and accommodations utilizing Crypto Cards or mundane mazuma.

In September, the ICO project commences. The CRON predicated on Ethereum and Utility type tokens will be available in the amount of 8,500,000,000. To achieve softcap in 25,000,000 USD, the threshold for entering the project for investors is reduced to 100 USD. List of accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BTG, DASH and fiat Cash. White Paper project is a 65-page manuscript, detailing the process of building the entire ecosystem piecemeal.
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The project will be appreciated even by those who do not have cognizance or experience working with digital currencies. Users are well able to understand the features and benefits that can be obtained by purchasing Cryptocean accommodations. In integration to technical aspects (they are well explicated), there are financial details, company history, as well as people abaft the Cryptocean project. Yuri Myshinsky, progenitor and CEO with more than ten years of experience in the crypto industry. Alexander Volkorezov is a COO and a specialist in perspicacious contracts. Svetlana Popova, an expert with 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, is responsible for advertising and engendering the customer base. Cryptocean has additionally developed many ways to engender tokens, even without direct investment. This can be done by performing sundry tasks or actions under certain conditions.Bounty Cryptocean .

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