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Making The Best Out Of Your Corporate Advertising Effort Then Think Of KRIOS

The inception of digital inventions of the 21st century is a benediction to man and at same time has brought several other issues to buying and selling of valuable goods and accommodations on the long run. Research has proven squarely that the exordium of the ‘digital marketing’ concept is mainly characterized by so many incessant issues which has made the system unreliable. The homely ordeal can be traceable to when Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook video metric was overprized vis-à-vis video metrics two years ago which rather did more harm than good by bamboozling and misinforming advertisers and of course the general public. Other issues such as disputable metrics, brand safety, bot fraud, billing malpractices and enclosed data are just few issues confronting the industry holistically. The process and structures of the hitherto established platforms makes the digital marketing experience a total mess, thus causing solemn havoc among participants sequel to the digital marketing model. Advertisers’ revenue drops on everyday substructure, data is staggering and advertisers get mendacious reports when it comes to advertising campaigns. Against this backdrop, revenue is incessantly dropping as more and more advertisers get dissatisfied with the accommodations of most of its digital markets and paraphernalia. The cost of digital advertising is additionally growing exponentially and advertisers are probing for divergent and convergent mechanism to amend the dissemination of vital digital advertisement. As the world peregrinate from one stratum to the other, more and more consumers are depending on digital ads, while advertisers crave to reach target market. It was in a bid to address the afore-verbalized challenges that, was engendered.
The ‘Krios’ ecosystem primarily fixates on integrating convivial media influencers, consultants, copywriters, packagers and any other professional in one room in order to develop cost-efficient, proficient and well-orchestrated advertising campaigns which outwardly aims to promote brand cognizance, organic business magnification and enhance brand allegiance. The platform is an avenue for felicitous cross-fertilization of valuable conceptions and prospects among the different variables in the digital advertising industry. The platform through a tested model intends to connect businesses of all sort with the right amount of affiliates to sanction business owners and marketers influence and magnetize their target market. This is akin to the fact that gregarious media marketing is gaining earnest momentum by the day and more users are denoting interest to join, thus the utilization of the gregarious media community avail businesses reach target audience (s) and make relatively profit at the long run. To get technical details of how the platform works and other issues relating to the workability of this 21st century technology, download ‘White Paper’ at
Krios is a platform that is working on the best mechanism in providing companies and organizations illimitable access to a system of advertising that will be all encompassing through the cerebrate-tank of good-brained professionals who provide value and at the same time synergies in all ramifications of a company’s marketing campaigns. To simplify the procedures of placing advert contents on convivial media community (ies), the platform offers a simple streamlined process by which a company sends a request containing information about their product, budget, needs and timeline. Krios matches the business with approved and registered professionals within the network who will be culled by the company to consummate the task. It connects seasoned professionals with different people that requires their accommodations within the circumference of the system. The illustration below gives a sketchy view of how the platform interconnects with each other.

To thoroughly decentralize the platform, invitation is on offer to enable the public take part of the sizably voluminous benefit of the network. To get details of the ICO and subscribe to the platform’s newsletter, click
The token employed for transacting in the platform is the KRIOSCOIN (KRI) - a plenarily Ethereum Blockchain mediated Token functioning as a standard ERC20 and perspicacious contract tailored in that direction. A total of 400, 000, 000 KRI tokens are in total supply. During POST-ICO, 1 ETH will be offered at captivating rate of KRI. The price during the Post-ICO is equipollently to 1 KRI will be plausible to US Dollars . The POST –ICO event will commences from 6th September – 17th of October 2018
Krios is a community-driven platform, thus to connect with other members of the network click;
To get tokens and take part, click
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