Taking Trading Cryptocurrency To The Next Level Powered By MeToken Platform (Style.me).

Hello Friends, in this my new post I want to introduce the Metoken project, and for more details, let's go to the following discussion:

The Me Token's premier platform is Style.me, a gregarious trading platform that fixates on modes that have been developed and will be launched afore the token sales event. Style.me's competitive advantages include years of experience in building virtual passroom technology for fashion eCommerce spaces. We are now yare to move into the next phase of development and integrate the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain together with the ERC-20 standard token that will drive the Style.
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Business plan summary
Following the Style.me convivial trading platform, Me Token will be elongated to adscititious platforms in different verticals where homogeneous relationships between influencers, buyers and commercial platforms can be applied. The Me Token Company will provide incentives to other platforms by spreading the initial Me Token and sanctioning incipient platforms the opportunity to enter the subsisting MeToken utilizer base.
Our broader vision is to build EconoMe which will become the first comprehensive convivial trade market in the world that includes a broader range of brands and influencers that have convivial influence to connect with millions of supplemental digital buyers.
Gregarious Commerce grows more expeditious than traditional eCommerce
93% of consumers rely on utilizer-engendered content to make their purchasing decisions
$ 36B Convivial Media Marketing Expenditures are expected in 2017
3x increase in shopping for Convivial Media Marketing from 2013-2017
Quandary # 1
Unbalanced Value Distribution
The gregarious platform gets all their value from influential content makers without giving anything in reciprocation for their contributions. Quandary # 2
Broken Sales Cycle
The current convivial media structure fails to bridge the gap between sales revelation and conversion.
Quandary # 3
Lack of control
Users have no control over how their data is utilized by gregarious platforms.

The solution
My Token and "EconoME," first Style
EconoME is an incipient decentralization model for digital content engenderment. The Me Token, ERC-20 token, acts as a community currency by the gregarious trading platform adopted by ME. Optimized for all users, Style.me is a fashion experience homogeneous to Instagram. Style.me monetarily provides incentives to engender quality content from influencers and brands while at the same time rewarding users for opting to receive targeted advertising.

This platform connects and rewards influencers, consumers and fashion brands. For example, Influencers can post brand habiliments on the platform. Users can relish and apportion these posts, while both parties are valued for content engenderment and engagement. Utilizing the patented Style.me virtual installation space, buyers can endeavor on habiliments, and even buy directly.
Fashion brands are jubilant because slaked customers and influencers are valued.
Tokens compensate for content
Tiered reward system
Fair and transparent content distribution
Emolument token for sharing data
Content that can be plenarily purchased
Digital passroom, style suggestions, and more
Higher clickthrough rate
More conversions
Better ROI influencers
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Style.me was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jonathan Leong
Fashion, technology and gregarious trade team experts
Established a fashion industry network
Sophisticated image apperception software
Patented patent technology
Core Functionality
Style.me's main function is the chronological aliment of utilizer-engendered, rollable, and inspiring fashion content that is curated to meet users' personal predilections. Each component is expounded further in the next section.
Inspiring Apparel Content
The content exhibited on Style.me will inspire users to find and amass incipient fashion conceptions, trends, and appearances. Ergo, users will find fashion-cognate content on Style.me that is akin to content on popular convivial networks and convivial trading platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, Open Empyrean, etc. But with fixate on mode.

The sale of Convivial Commerce RevolutionToken takes place in August 2018
Token Sales
tokenme 3.PNG

Token Distribution
tokenme 4.PNG

WEBSITE: http://www.metoken.net/
WHITEPAPER: http://www.metoken.net/metoken_whitepaper_EN.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Me-Token-by-Styleme-127033191436725/
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@me__token
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/stylemetoken
Authored By : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1156227

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