Agro Tech Farm – automated Cannabis and food cultivation at home

Many people dream to grow own plants at home, at least their minimal amount - fresh herbs without various harmful elements, pesticides, etc. But very few people will really decide to implement this - the machines are often bulky and not aesthetic, and not everyone has time to take care of plants. Agro Tech Farm guarantees fully automated growth of fresh plants right at your house - it can be cannabis, different salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and even berries.

For the implementation of the process, a person's participation is necessary to the very minimum - most importantly, to plant and harvest, and all other functions are assigned to a unique fully automated system. Agro Tech Farm has also developed an application for iOS and Android, where each user using a tablet or a smartphone can, if desired, control the processes of the cultivation cycle. The Agro Tech Farm establishes the most optimal temperature regime and humidity level required for selected crops, so the seed germination is estimated to be about 30% higher than that of similar plants in conventional greenhouse conditions or in open agricultural areas.

The main advantages of Agro Tech Farm to its users and investors are the following:

  • Absolutely technological and automated processes of growth without human participation;
  • Ability to install iOS and Android application to monitor the process and the dynamics;
  • There is no need to use any chemicals. Cultures are tasty, beautiful and fresh without the involvement of pesticides;
  • The system independently performs climate control depending on the surrounding conditions and the type of crops;
  • The vegetation cycle is significantly reduced;
  • The manufacturer provides a guarantee for 2 years when buying Agro Tech Farm;
  • It is easy to use even for non-experienced users;
  • Stylish and ergonomic design, so now you do not have to hide the unit in a garage or pantry.

At the moment, investment in Agro Tech Farm is not only profitable, but will also bring even greater benefits in the future, as the popularity of Agro Tech Farm project is growing rapidly and attracts the attention of many ordinary users who want to effortlessly get fresh vegetables and greenery on their own table, as well as for investors.

The company also issues its own ATF tokens. It is also important that Agro Tech Farm plans to develop not only in Russia - the priority areas are SNA and Canada, as the market in these countries is simply huge, and the attitude to cannabis is more than loyal even from the point of view of legislation.

The main goal of Agro Tech Farm is the revival of the tradition of growing natural products taking into account the fact that most urban residents do not have a clue how this happens. The farm does everything on its own, and you just have to track the process in the application and manage to harvest. Agro Tech Farm is a full-fledged, actively functioning company with huge growth prospects both on the domestic and foreign markets, therefore it attracts interest from many investors in the industry.  

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