Bounty campaign TokenGo


Bounty campaign TokenGo

 Dear friends. We launched a bounty campaign. Join now! 

 Participation in the TokenGo Bounty campaign. 


  • The budget for the bounty campaign totals to 20,000,000 GPT (1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH, or approximately 0.30$ according to the exchange rate).
  • You will receive GoPower tokens as remuneration for your participation in the bounty campaign, they will be credited to your personal account in your personal cabinet of the project immediately following the moderation of the tasks you have fulfilled.
  • All the tasks, including language translations, are post-moderated. You upload the task that has already been arranged, and then the moderator approves or declines your task.
  •  After your bounty bonuses have been accrued as GoPower tokens, you will be able to withdraw them into your wallet in the “Withdraw tokens”section of the cabinet immediately after the end of ICO.
  • All the tasks can be received in the “Bounty” menu in the cabinet of the project. Authorization is required for participation in the bounty campaign. Authorization is attached to your e-mail address.
  • Please note: If you participate in the bounty campaign, and are an investor of the “TokenGo” platform at the same time, you must have the same e-mail address for all your statistics to be tracked correctly.
  • All the tasks are divided into categories. There is its own list of tasks in each category.
  • The number of tasks is limited. Each task has its price. All the tasks are moderated. For example, the task is, “Post a video about the rules of work of the bounty campaign”. The number of tasks to be fulfilled: 100 pcs.Price: 1000 GPT per one video.
  • As the tasks are fulfilled, the remainder of them will decrease, and this will be reflected in the cabinet. When selecting a task, the participant will be able to see what the remainder is. If the limit for certain tasks has been depleted, they will be unavailable.
  • Each participant of the bounty campaign must be subscribed to the official Telegram channel of TokenGo’sbounty campaign in order to receive news and urgent messages on time.
  • All articles, posts/reposts, tweets/retweets, comments, videos, etc. can be posted in any language. The cabinet is supported in two languages.
  • Technical support of the bounty campaign will be performed via Telegram’s support chat.
  • In case if you cannot find tasks that, in your opinion, could be of help to TokenGo’s bounty campaign, you can contact us via the Telegram channel or at, and write the list of tasks that you are ready to fulfill.
  • Spammers and those participants who are in serious violation of the rules of task fulfillment, will be blocked and banned from participation in the campaign.

You can sign in to your account using “Sign in” link in the top menu of the project’s website, also you can sign in using tab “Bounty” in the top menu. 

First You can read the general information about the Bounty campaign and then you can sign in using the “Sign in” button at the bottom of the page. 

After signing in, you need to go to the “Bounty” section in the cabinet menu. 

In the left menu, you can see the list of categories for all tasks. 

To get started, you need to select the category and task that interests you. After selecting a task, you can read the full description and get acquainted with the cost of execution. 

In the description on the right side, you can see how many tasks remain to be performed. 

Below you can see the requirements for this task, possible content, type of bonus calculation and required fields of entering information for the task. 

After all the necessary requirements are met, the task is sent for moderation.

Moderation is performed within 24 hours. After successful moderation, the tokens will be accrued to you in the personal account. You can see the total number of accrued tokens in the “Bounty Bonuses” block. 

After the end of the ICO, all the earned tokens can be obtained to the wallet in the section “Get tokens” 

ATTENTION! If during the moderation your task was rejected, you can see the reasons for refusal in the profile of your personal account, fix it and send it back for moderation. 

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Валера Терещенко
Участник в баунти-кампании TokenGo.

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