Welcome my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project.Almost every man is a born racer and winner, well, at least in their dreams. It is not surprising that computer games in these genres are so very popular. From racing simulators, perhaps the most famous is the Need for Speed with many sequels. How many hours were spent by boys and quite taken place men for this game not to count, probably, to anybody.

CryptoCarz creates its virtual racing multiplayer blockchain game with great features.

The creators gather an experienced team consisting of professional developers, experienced programmers, designers and gamers to present the world a new virtual reality game in which users can not only play the race but also buy cars that will be presented on the platform.

CryptoCarz is the world's first video game with full use of video card capabilities based on blockchain.

What will this game be?

This is a multiplayer racing simulation based on blockchain technology, the game will use all the possibilities of virtual reality. Players will be able to gain racing experience on virtual tracks, which on the platform CryptoCarz will be enough. Produce tuning your car, creating their own unique Assembly which will not remain indifferent to any driver. By the way, each brand of car on the platform has a limited edition (650 units) and is unique in its kind. It is already stated that it will be possible to take over such cars from well-known manufacturers as Volkswagen Beetle Dune, sports car Toyota Gt86 SC R34, Toyata C HR Grey, Vanda Dandrobium, Toyota FT 86 Open Circuit, Tesla Model X, Volkswagen Golf VI GTI, Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet, Toyota FT 86 Open Concept Car and this is just the beginning. Individual brands, such as Racing Car and Vanda will have a cost of two or more times higher than others.

If you have long dreamed to drive a Lambos or Ferraris, the game CryptoCarz is for you!

The developers have no links with real car manufacturers. Auto brands do not support the game in any technical documentation or in any other way.

At the moment there is no information about the price of the coin and the dates of the ICO. The site only offers to follow the news about the project.

It looks like there will be two kinds of nfts and Car Credit coins (CCRD)

But something about the estimated prices of cars managed to learn.

Contracts for the purchase of cars start from 0.46 Ethereum and with each resale, the price of cars will only grow, the situation is not the same as in the real world. (Information should be clarified)

Each car will be individual. Garage for car is your wallet Ethereum.

The price of cars will grow also due to the fact that each car will be tied to its smart contract and will be unique and with a limited number.

The developers claim that their Token Generation will be significantly different from the existing ones. Look forward.

Games always attract. And the game in which there is excitement, rivalry, and also supported by a real financial component is almost certainly doomed to success.

Cool graphics, a lot of cars, the ability to hold tournaments. Buying and renting cars, tuning steel horses, with all these features can be carried out in the game more than one hour.

The emerging new sport VR eSports will certainly affect the races, based on this, you can make the assumption that on your virtual car you can win races with good prize payouts.

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