CryptoCarz - a unique VR Racing Game on blockchain


  With the advent of blockchain technology, the gaming industry began to experience a new historical period. The increasing demands of modern players is already difficult to meet with beautiful graphics, interactivity of the open world, good soundtrack, customizing options, etc. project Developers from CryptoCarz realized this and have released a blockchain racing game using the technology of VR and the elements of E-sports.  

Benefits of the CryptoCarz project 

  • Ownership of the cars and the transaction of purchase and sale will be controlled by the smart contract, ensuring the consolidation of certain owner and secure transmission of funds. 
  • Players will be able to earn on buying and selling cars, because their number is limited and only the owner of the token can own that particular machine. 
  • The game uses VR technology, which allows you to make the gameplay not only more intense, but also useful.  

Benefit for the users 

The platform will be interesting for a wide range of users, including:   

  • Crypto enthusiasts. 
  • Fans of racing games and gaming in General. 
  • Augmented reality fans.  

 It is worth noting that the platform can become a guide to the crypto-currency world for new users. In the form of a game, they will be able to learn how to use cryptocurrencies and, perhaps, will start to use them in their daily life.


CryptoCarz innovative solutions  

CryptoCarz is the first racing blockchain game that will use non-fungible Ethereum platform tokens of the ERC-721 standard and VR (virtual reality) technology.   

Each token on the platform is a specific car with unique qualities and characteristics. At the same time, all virtual machines are produced in a limited number and only the owners of tokens will be able to possess them, which brings some collection component into the game. In addition, the game platform CryptoCarz combines blockchain and virtual reality. You will be able to take part in beautiful and realistic races, which will give a completely new unforgettable experience of the game.   

Another feature of the project is the design of cars. Each vehicle is stylized in a certain cryptocurrency. For example, 1Doge racing car will look like this:   

CryptoCarz token & tokensale features 

In the framework of tokensale of the project will be implemented CryptoCarz tokens standard ERC-721. Accordingly, each owner automatically becomes the owner of the car in the game. The exact date of the beginning of sales has not been announced yet.  


The CryptoCarz team is a symbiosis of professional players and blockchain developers. Such cooperation has allowed them to create not only technically high-quality, but also a product which is relevant in the modern game industry, which gives CryptoCarz great prospects for the future. CryptoCarz is a product made by the gamers for the gamers.   


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