CIBUS: the best food safety ecosystem in Blockchain

More and many people measure squares that are currently progressively encouraging offer the availability of food and also the supply of food supplements. Communities will definitely explore nutritious foods to satisfy their desires and can participate directly in the biological process data sections that food providers often offer. However, there are several problems that communities face once they crave worthwhile data from this biological process, and suppliers generally do not accept the actual data from the data backed by the biological data. This ends in a decrease in the client's confidence in the food suppliers because it is understood that the clients need the transparency of the biological process that is worth the information contained in the food or dietary supplements. The blockchain method of CIBUS is based on Pull Model: distinctive CIBUS model options are configured in the following model.
Food producers and distributors as partners of food suppliers these days face several current challenges of global competition, growth in online search, margin pressures and more. This makes it difficult for small and medium entrepreneurs to grow and grow in the world. At CIBUS we tend to notice that small producers around the world want an area for any development and launch of merchandise to international markets that until now seem unfeasible. Today's CIBUS scaling provides solutions and opportunities for traders and small chain producers to chain together to unravel the congestion of many things and give them the opportunity to unleash their true potential.
CIBUS offers a range of oversized services on platforms accelerated by CIBUS tokens and with the support of CIBUS. Communities are developed around the world to have real commercial potential that their users can take advantage of. The CIBUS network is built with the latest blockchain-based technology aimed at complying with the transparency of dietary and health supplements that ensure the origin, quality and quantity of a product.
CIBUS can bring producers, retailers or merchants of supplements and food to a useful, interactive and platform-dependent blockchain technology and modify transparency through reliable information, registered in the general ledger and freely distributed and accessible to all or any interested party; therefore, each business owner and buyer will appreciate the most effective potential transparency, authenticity and reliability of the food product on which they are curious.

Why The Blockchain?
Traceability and lucidity measure a number of the main basic characteristics of the offer. Blockchain optimizes business transactions and marketing partnerships with robust and secure business networks in Blockchain, according to quantifiability and globally.
Blockchain provides a shared accounting book that is streamlined and valid in real time with each contestant in the network. It gives uniform visibility to the activities and exposes any quality in any purpose in time, regardless of the World Health Organization that owns it and its most recent condition. It is safe, secure and can not be altered by any suggestion that it therefore promotes the best transparency. Transparency is that the most difficult facet of buyers that has been raised in recent years. Transparency has the ability to evaluate the performance of a chain of providers and, therefore, increase the security of connected players that still improve customer confidence. The strengths within the transparency of the blockchain square measure within the honesty since each group action is exclusive and none of them is often modified or manipulated subsequently. The sovereign confidence can not be obligatory and exercised by a centralized system, since it is impossible for an external researcher of associate degree to evaluate the reliability of the revealed data. Therefore, it is advantageous to use a blockchain technology on a centralized system in terms of reliability.

CIBUS Vision
Globally, supply chains of square measures have been extraordinarily effective recently; however, in many ways they are adulterated with non-transparent, deceptive activities, outdated existences, etc. In addition, reliance on an obsolete technology or a manual procedure creates an unwanted gap between manufacturers and retailers with customers in many ways. The Blockchain technology, which has the potential to be used safely thanks to the knowledge of recording and transmission in very secure and suburban networks, is considered a promising thanks to improve these chains. One of the purposes established by CIBUS except the almost similar alternative is that CIBUS will also launch hardware: intuitive sensors associated with very good quality that can monitor regularly and send knowledge to the chain of blocks as an article transits from the manufacturer to its user. CIBUS is about to make a possible market. more vital to think about this technique, progress is complete.
Transparency and conviction the most important thing will be to develop an associated system that addresses market problems, lowers prices and can increase efficiency. These elements can make it easier for CIBUS to be the main favorite for all the integrated stakeholders within the supply chain, from producers to traders and customers. CIBUS is also performing a procedure centered on the block chain that has the flexibility to be used in completely different supply chain configurations. The CIBUS protocol is based on Ethereum and will draft good contracts, which are expected to have tons of efficiencies, as well as transparency and responsibility for the entire chain. CIBUS is launching a new cryptocurrency token CIBUS token, that can be used in the CUBUS platform only in a method that continues to be related to each element at intervals in the chain. In the midst of alternative things, it contains the information because the food article advances towards its customers, and offers incentives for the interested parties. It is anticipated that the CIBUS record is the central part of the equation. CIBUS seeks to facilitate a secure and sovereign supply chain, develop an improved distribution procedure for associates and allow customers to see without effort where their purchased products return and also the ingredients it contains. It contains the information because the food article advances towards its customers, and offers incentives for the interested parties. It is anticipated that the CIBUS record is the central part of the equation. CIBUS seeks to facilitate a secure and sovereign supply chain, develop an improved distribution procedure for associates and allow customers to see without effort where their purchased products return and also the ingredients it contains. It contains the information because the food article advances towards its customers, and offers incentives for the interested parties. It is anticipated that the CIBUS record is the central part of the equation. CIBUS seeks to facilitate a secure and sovereign supply chain, develop an improved distribution procedure for associates and allow customers to see without effort where their purchased products return and also the ingredients it contains.

CIBUS Mission
The mission in CIBUS project is:
To align and clear the world of the food supply chain and the connected market so that the interest and confidence of consumers and farmers often remain in place. best moment. At CIBUS, our goal is to reward farmers. The World Health Organization puts its workforce into food manufacturing and, after all, purchasers of the World Health Organization have all the right quality foods to buy them.
Therefore, eventually, all interested parties will be able to exploit the proposed high total price for verifiable
quality food. In addition, retailers that buy quality food products will track and show the origins and superiority of their food, which the customer will check for himself. Governments can
manage to ensure the conformity of food trade with simple values ​​and by verifying the records and forms documented in the blockchain.
Apart from that, sensible contracts will establish commercial relationships between totally different parties, in the same way that they can control / reduce risks and commercialization disputes, allowing suppliers and customers to enter MOU without being stressed with respect to the financial situation of its counterpart.

CIBUS utility
CIBUS is a multifunctional platform driven by CIBUS tokens that aims:
Promotion of food safety and transparency through the use of blockchain and ensuring the authentication of the product, the visibility of the visibility of the life cycle of the product, the efficiency of the withdrawal of the product and the management of the inventory
Authentication for the freshness of the products in the case of the perishable products and the chain of custody with responsibility, mapping and optimization of the supply chain,
facilitation of direct retail trade (B2C) and food trade between companies (B2B)
Creating a holistic social network based on food worldwide.
Robotic guarantee for the management of the supply chain
Customs, audit and optimization of the regulation process to implement an optimal transparency in the supply chain system with the support of the PULL chain algorithm.

CIBUS Architecture CIBUS
Blockchain will contribute to increase transparency, which will help the global food industry to prevent fraud quickly and efficiently.
CIBUS has very clear solutions for several practical issues in the agrifood business. In addition, CIBUS is designed by food scientists who have decades of experience in the dairy and related industries in collaboration with blockchain technology specialists to ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency for their users. In one word,
CIBUS intends to provide custody, analysis and affiliate e-commerce functions. CIBUS uses Blockchain
technology to provide absolute transparency in the food and dietary supplement supply chain increases food safety and traceability.
It benefits final consumers by offering the right information stored in blockchain, accessible in mobile applications and websites, so that informed choices can be made before each purchase of food / dietary supplements.
CIBUS also reduces the involvement of intermediaries in the food economy by creating an electronic commerce platform for food and dietary supplements. This facilitates direct trade between companies and final consumers as well as other companies.

cards: the underlying cryptocurrency for all transactions on the CIBUS platform, that is, the only payment method for negotiation rates, trust services, advertising and analytical knowledge. All the parties that carry out transactions in CIBUS Trade and CIBUS Retail must have a minimum CIBUS token balance to carry out transactions in CIBUS.
CIBUS - International Food and Food Plan at CIBUS Blockchain: CIBUS A clear commercial food plan in blockchain technology will promote the following kinds of food businesses during an international platform:
Agricultural production
Processed food production industries
Food distribution wholesale or retail

Companies based in Blockbet Cibus ecosystems can give the right answer to many of the problems of quality and credibility of the global food supply chain. The advantages are often enjoyed within the following areas:
Monitoring of materials and packaging materials for greater food safety
All protection that ends in a total valueperiod
Period of time of knowledge consumption for regulatory audits
Observation of temperature delivery conditions for sensitive goods
Guarantee of compliance with VACCP pointers motivated by GFSI (Vulnerability assessment and important management points).
Rapid recovery of food safety knowledge in case of product recall
Correct search capabilities applied within the supply chain can modify the relevant manufacturer to handle the problematic product quickly.
The CIBUS blockchain method is based on the extraction model: the distinguishing characteristics of the CIBUS model area unit calculated within the following model.

Encryption of underlying currency for all transactions on the CIBUS platform, which is the only mode of payment of transaction fees, custody services, advertising and analytical data. All the parties of transactions in CIBUS Trade and CIBUS Retail must maintain a minimum balance of CIBUS tokens to start their delas in CIBUS.
The CIBUS global food ecosystem on blockchain technology can promote the following food business categories in a global platform:
Production of agriculture
Industrial manufacturing of processed foods Food
distribution wholesale or retail
The business based on CIBUS blockchain can offer an adequate solution for most of the recurring problems of quality and authenticity in food supply chains throughout the world.

The benefits can be enjoyed in the following areas:
Traceability of ingredients and packaging materials for better food safety
Brand protection as a result of the establishment of brand equity
Consumption of data in real time to comply with regulatory audits
Monitoring of conditions of Temperature delivery for sensitive products
Guarantee compliance with motivated GFSI VACCP
Quick recovery of food safety data in case of product return
The precise traceability implemented in the supply chain will allow associated producers to deal quickly with problematic products.

TRACE - Provides a tool for transparency and localization of food based on blockchain to consumers.
CIBUS SOCIAL - An incentive social network platform that seeks to create a global collaboration in food.
CIBUS COMMERCE - Facilitates wholesale and commercial trade in food and supplements
CIBUS RETAIL - Facilitates direct retailing of food and supplements between consumers and food producers.
CIBUS AD - provides a built-in analytics platform, provides rich and relevant data on user traffic
CIBUS AFFILIATED - Affiliate marketing platform for CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Trade at competitive prices.
CIBUS TRUST - Standard five-step escrow services provided for a fee based on the transaction value
CIBUS LOGISTIC - CIBUS may consider opening its own Logixtics center as a Fullfilment at a later date
In the current era of continued growth in the food business, food procedures and supply chain partners face countless challenges from global competition, the growth of online purchases, pressure on margins and many plus. Some of the vital needs of the facilities for trade without problems through the supply chain of food and supplements are:

Limited visibility of the origin of the supply
Informed consumers in network, which demand both a good price-quality ratio and a higher quality
Greater demand for authenticity and transparency of the product
Protection against counterfeit and adulterated products
Disadvantages faced by each partner in the food supply chains as interrupted information flow
Sale of Token CIBUS

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    +12% free token bonus - March 21, 2018 to 11:00 am (GMT) until March 28, 2018 at 10:59 am (GMT)
    As you can see, the bonus for participating in the opening weeks is as high as 50%, rewarding to those who participate early.

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