GIFCoin - Gambling Investment Fund

Online Gambling is a gambling game that is done online through a computer or android and in access with the internet. This online gambling is a Game where the player will select the bet table first and enter the bet table and choose one option among many other options and must choose the right one. So for players who choose correctly it will come out as a winner. The losing player will pay the bet according to the agreed amount of value. The amount of the bet and the number of rules will be determined before you enter the gambling table.

The rise of online gambling on the internet to enter several countries in the world such as: United States, Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. With some online gambling games that have been provided by website owners.
Online gambling is a favorite for this community in the know a kind of game Poker, E-lottery, and Ball.

what is gifcoin ??
GIFCoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund. This is supported by, which currently provides services in the gambling and gambling industry.

GIFCoin is very different from other ICOs we've seen on the market. We will do this for the future, they are working on ICO for a project that is not as promising as we would do.

The reason for the implementation of ICO for the establishment of these funds is to strengthen the existing VitalBet system and open it to a larger market. VitalBet expects a huge increase at the end of the ad and improvements to be made. And because of the increase in subscribers, they think there will be a substantial increase in income. As a result, 80% of VitalBet's revenue will be distributed annually to GIFCoin holders. I mean, VitalBet does not exclude chickens from the future.

Your mind may soon be banned on international bets in our country. But in this system you are not betting. During the ICO period or after you enter the stock exchange you receive GIFCO. And when you hold this buckle in your hand, you get a share of that company. And distribution of this stock is made once a year. By entering the GIFCoin site, you can estimate how much you can earn per year based on the number of tokens you have in your hand.

VitalBet's Current Situation and Future Plans
The VitalBet team says they believe that life must be a fun and exciting experience and they love sports. Their aim is to make sure that people are willing to bet wherever they wish, wherever they want.

They have been in the pavilion since 2011, activating VitalBet in 2015 as a result of long-running work. Since 2015, hundreds of thousands of people have used the site and more than 20 people have already actively bet on the site. At present, the site has a gross revenue of around $ 7M and net income is about $ 3M. They believe that this income will increase with the funds to be collected through GIFCoin ICO. I can say that they are quite right in this matter. Because with the funds to be collected I think that they will increase their income rapidly with the advertising works. If there is no commercial in the betting sector, then there is no customer.

VitalBet also indicated in WhitePaper's estimate of the extent to which the increase in revenues would be due to the funds to be collected. They chose 2020 as a touchstone in this regard. When I examined 2020 expectations, I saw that their goal was to be among the top 15 betting sites in the world. Customer targets are about 4M customers. If we think that they are making a net profit of 3M dollars with about 20 thousand customers at this moment, we can calculate that they will profit at a very high rate. Because they also set a goal of $ 340 million as a net profit for the year 2020. And 80% of this amount will be distributed to GIFcoin owners, that is 272M. They also have a total of 300M tokens and will make a profit of about $ 1 per token. So someone who holds 10,000 GIFs in his hand will get about $ 9,000 in profits. And this profit share every year,

You may think VitalBet's 2020 goals are not very realistic. However, if the targeted amount can be collected in the ICO process and the amount is actually used to improve VitalBet, it is not difficult for me to reach the 2020 targets. Because the betting sector is growing day by day. Apart from sports bets we know, there is also a growing e-sports betting sector. When we put all these together, the project seems to have the potential to be invested. However, it may be a good idea to wait a little while to figure out what will happen in the ICO process. I think that if we accumulate a high amount of investment, we could be included in the ICO in the last stages of the ICO. You can decide whether to invest or not by doing your own research on this subject.


VitalBet needs capital to grow rapidly, to have a word in the market, to strengthen its infrastructure and to multiply its customers. Collecting this capital with traditional methods is a long and proficient business. So they want to raise funds with the ICO process, which is faster and less risky. Collected funds will be used to grow VitalBet using the way indicated on the road map. And with growth, they will distribute 80% of their incremental income to those who hold GIFCO.

So, how will the profit share distribution be?

80% of VitalBet's annual net profit will be realized in two stages. First, the number of tokens held by the users will be recorded. Then, at the end of each year, the profit share distribution will be distributed in proportion to the number of tokens in the wallets.

GIFCoin will take photos of addresses holding GIFs in your wallet on a specified date prior to profit distribution, such as in forklids. They will hear what date will be based on communication channels and websites. In addition, if users subscribe to the mail newsletter, they will receive two related emails.

The dividend distribution to be made to GIFCO owners will be made through smart contracts to be prepared over the Ethereum bloc chain. Payments will be in ETH. Distributions will be done in direct proportion to the amount of GIF tokens that will be kept at the addresses as I wrote above.

Token Information

Token Name: GIFCoin

Token: GIF

Total Tokens: 300,000,000 GIF

Token Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF

Minimum Investment Amount: 0,1 ETH

Maximum Investment Amount: No limit.

Pre-Sales Starts Feb 22, 2018

General Sales Start Date: March 16, 2018

Accepted Payment Methods: Only ETH

GIFCoin ICO Site:
Bitcointalk ANN:

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