Cryptocurrency of Ukrainian Origin Joining the Payment Revolution

What is UAHPAY ?

UAHPay was founded by blockchain specialists with strong Cryptography and development skills. Already successful in the online space the founders of UAHPay have now set their ambitions to changing a Nation and restoring trust in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and fiat platforms already in place we seek to provide a Cryptobank, ICO trading platform for Ukraine and the World.UAHPay has been in development for over a year. Its core focus has been developing the blockchain technology, trading platform and app that will power the platform. UAHPay has assembled an expert management team with a diverse range of skills from cryptocurrency, Ukraine Politics, banking and security.


UAHPay’s largest goal is to create a safe banking environment for the citizens of Ukraine. This needs to be built on trust and security. This can only be done by using blockchain based technology. Providing our clients with the ability to exchange fiat currency in real-time without inter-bank exchange fees, access to International transfers and other banking services such as loans with low rates are among our core goals.


Their mobile onboarding process is done in house with real-time credit checks and facial recognition software and ID verification. This process is quick and painless.


In order to comply with licensing and regulation their system will check against known sanctions against companies and individuals before completing the onboard process.


UAHPAY users can select 55 Cryptocurrency to perform the transfer or fiat payment amounts with quick, easy and instant


One of their key payment features will include the ability to use the mobile phone to make purchases in store with the Apply and Google Pay API’s. Payments can be made quickly using the phone and without using the Chip and PIN function of your card which will greatly speed up the transaction processing time while in line at favorite merchant.


Quickly exchange, hold and spend fiat currency holdings within seconds. UAHPay will be one of only a few companies worldwide for offer to customers perfect interbank currency exchanges. This can save customers thousands of dollars a year in exchange fees.


Using their in app in person or web transfer function is as easy as scanning a QR code. NFC technology allows customer account details and transfers to be stored inside jewelry such as a payment ring or keychain token.


UAHPay will be a full service financial institution which will allow users to make cross border transfers using Western Union and SWFT Bank Transfers. All users will have IBAN ready bank accounts.


Using the CoinPayments API we allow our users to transfer Cryptocurrencies from over 55+ Altcoins at current exchange rates for a 1% fee.

Discover Our App UAHPAY!

Our UAHPAY app is proprietary and built for both IOS and Android operating systems which integrate all our services in an easy to use and intuitive UI that is easy to understand and use.Global Banking at your fingertips, delivering the right solutions from our customer’s fingertips, the UAHPay app is a highly advanced and robust solution. When we designed this app we set our goals to integrate as many features as possible which include :

Integrated Fiat Payment System

Integrated bank accounts with IBAN and SWIFT, debit Visa & Mastercard’s, instant foreign exchange and online payment processing. All services will support fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Participate in Initial Coin Offerings and buy Cryptocurrerncies with our revolutionary online trading platform. Our goal is to provide a legal and regulated Government sponsored trading network.

Forex Cryptoasset & Commodity Exchange

Trade commodity backed Cryptocurrencies and other investment products such as equity traded, other equity based crypto funds such as Crypto Mortgage Bonds (CMB’s) and Crypto Hedge Funds (CHF’S).

Earn Cash Back

Cashback in UAH with each spend with UAHPAY Platinum card. Instant conversions from BTC and ETH. Our cards are accepted at over 30M merchants.

Anti-Fraud A.I

Merchant processing & blockchain Anti-Fraud solutions which use our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence & Biometric Anti Fraud protection.

Concierge Service

Need tickets to the big game? Marriage Proposal? Airline Tickets or Hotel? We have you covered with our 24/7 concierge service.

P2P Transfers

Transfers within the network are quick and easy to perform. Users can choose from over 55 Cryptocurrencies or fiat payment amounts to send. Settlements are quick, easy and instant. All funds transferred are instantly available on the UAHPay card which can be used at millions of ATMs and merchants worldwide.

Functions of UAHPAY card :

Cashback in UAH with each spend with UAHPAY Platinum card. Instant conversions from BTC and ETH. Our cards are accepted at over 30M merchants.


Merchant processing & blockchain Anti-Fraud solutions which use our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence & Biometric Anti-Fraud protection.


Need tickets to the big game? Marriage Proposal? Airline Tickets or Hotel? We have you covered with our 24/7 concierge service.


The UAHPAY Tokens will be allocated among the participants of the Pre-ICO and our ICO. Our advisors and management will also be issued tokens as our business progresses.PRE-ICO Participants will be allocated 10% of all tokens issued ICO Participants will be allocated 40% of all tokens issued SECONDARY COIN OFFERING participants will be issued 30% of all tokens management Team and Employees will be allocated the 9% of all tokens remaining over time for performance bonuses. 1% of all tokens will be used for bounties during the Pre-ICO and ICO phase.Advisors & Political Advisors will receive 5% of all tokens for their insights and guidance. The final 5% of our issued tokens will be used as a company reserve for future project investment and lobbying efforts in Ukraine. The final 5% of our issued tokens will be used as a company reserve for future project investment and lobbying efforts in Ukraine.


UAHPAY has been in development for over a year with its operations & team now based in Kiev, Ukraine. We strongly believe that this solution has the power to transform a nation and provide a stable banking platform for its citizens.


Our Pre-ICO will be open for one month starting September 22nd at 12:00 AM EST. We offer an exclusive Black Card to our VIP Founders who contribute more than 25 BTC in our Pre-ICO phase. Our VIP program includes a separate 10% revenue share pool, lifetime VIP No Fee Bank Account, concierge, Airport Lounge Access. Participating at any level has a ton of rewards which include tickets to the Kiev International Economic Forum and VIP access.

Our Pre-ICO will consist of a sale of 5% of our available tokens which will be used to determine the price of our Initial Coin offering. This will increase to 10% if we reach our initial goal within 7 days. If we do not reach our minimum pre-sale goal of 5% of available tokens we will refund the total amount of the purchase including the transaction fees. Funds raised in our Pre-ICO will be used as follows: 25% Development, 25% Marketing, 25% Government Licensing & Legislation, 15% Salaries, 10% Card Issuance & FX Exchange. To implement UAHpay’s vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) at the end of November to issue UAHPAY tokens publicly.The tokens called UAHPay (UAH) will be issued during the ICO. The pre-ICO will be launched to determine how many tokens to be issued in total. Pre-ICO participants will be issued redemption certificate codes which will be redeemable on the day our ICO is launched and the token becomes publicly traded on exchanges. Only 10% of the tokens will be distributed during pre-ICO. Our HARDCAP will be 1 Billion UAHPay Tokens (UAH).

TOKEN Creation & Commissions

During the initial coin offering (ICO), UAHPay as a company will issue virtual currency tokens called UAHPay tokens (UAH) on the blockchain operated by Smart Contract. Token holders will receive weekly revenue share commissions of all net transaction, exchange and other fees. These commissions include fees earned from payment processing; fiat currency exchanges card transaction fees.

Additional UAHPAY Network Features & Services

In time UAHPAY will introduce new products to our clients which will include an advertising CPA Network Platform, an Amazon like B2B Network for emerging products. Our dating platform called is almost complete and will be offered to the general public as an ICO in a few months.

Revenue Share & Regulation

The value of each token will increase overtime as the revenue share is paid out weekly from net transaction revenue. How this is paid out is paid out depends on participation in our Pre-ICO and ICO offering.Net Revenue commission will be paid out on a weekly basis to token holders thereby increasing the values of the tokens purchased.

Tokens can be sold on exchanges for current public rates.

Licensing is one of the key assets of any financial institution. UAHPay’s primary goal after its Pre-ICO is to begin the process of obtaining a payment institution license that will be able to operate in European Economic Areas (EEA). Further it will seek financial bank licensing in Ukraine and in North America (FINSEN and FINTRAC).


The development of UAHPay has come a long way in a very short time. Our continuing efforts Politically in Ukraine has placed us in direct contact with high level ministers and other parties that will have a positive influence on when we officially launch our platform to the general public. Recent developments include being invited to speak at the Kiev International Economic forum where over 1,500 highly influential political and partners will be attending.



UAHPay is Promising service for ICO products that offer a genuinely adequate and advantage service.
The advantages possessed is its ability to find a niche and content product market potential especially when looking at the emerging market countries, especially in ASIA.
Market Asia is currently in excellent condition with a surplus growth rate which gives good opportunities where a service like UAHPay will operate.
And the most important thing is the guarantee to Investors especially in this financing project is a predictable profit and a good projection considering some
factors such as the following can be calculated and detected carefully, among others:
1. Cryptocurrency Holders – Are those who spend the currency globally in the most natural way possible.
2. Ukrainian citizens – Those who wish to hold various coins and exchange them for a cheap exchange fee or exchange fee at this time.
3. Customers who only hold Fiat currency – They transact banking finance in a safe sphere of mood by negotiating online.
4. ICO Investors – Those who want to develop capital or pay ICO within the scope of government regulation.
5. Money Market Investors – Those who wish to speculate in currency exchange without paying high exchange fees.
So there is no doubt factor when we take the option to come and join Investing on UAHPay. 



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