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The 21st century has seen a massive uptrend in the betting (gambling) and gaming sector but there are some drawbacks regarding full mainstream participation in gambling/betting. Issues of distrust, low returns and transparency issues pose bottle necks and need amelioration. A team of experts who have studied the traditional system and understood the setbacks , enacted Betform platform to remedy the situation. Growing up as a kid, I've been a game lover and I've always been looking up to a transparent platform to embed gaming and betting with high throughput and returns. Betform promises to fill this gap.

What's Betform?

Betform is an advanced gaming and betting platform designed to revamp the already existing system , bringing forth so many blockchain games with a variety of gameplay mode including multiplayer mode. With the aid of smart contracts and other blockchain technology features, Betform platform proffers swift operation, very high security and privacy . Its cost effective and scalable in the sense that fees are almost negligible and the platform can accommodate numerous people.

It's rare to see a platform like this and Betform is able to achieve its vision with blockchain technology. Transparency has been a great issue with the traditional betting system, also other drawbacks like lack of trust, poor returns , and absence of social involvement has been trending issues. Betting with friends has never been this cool and swift.

With betform, there is no geographical barrier. Betform promises to expand the online betting and gambling sector by removing set backs posed by the earlier system retarding some people in some regions from participating.
Betform team comprise of devoted and highly experienced intellectuals joining hands to being forth awesome gaming/betting software, management platforms and mobile applications. The team comprise of high level graphic designers, 3D artists, illustrators, writers, editors, programmers, and creative conceptual artists.

Betform upholds transparency to the core, bringing in fairness in the gaming/betting. Game outcomes are reliable because they can be easily verified by players through card game history, upholding transparency.
Have you ever imagined an all-in-one gaming/betting platform with great fun yet upholding privacy and security? Then Betform is for you. Betform is fun and social, you can invite your friends or join friends to play games or gamble. Winnings are paid out after each round of game play in Betform secured platform.

Betform is licensed hence operations won't have issues. The betform wallet will also enable players to store Betform coins. Betform coin will help a great deal in in-game purchases and betting , hence it has a significant role to play in the entire ecosystem. There'll be quarterly jackpots whereby Betform will allocate 35% bonus for tournaments.

Betform has a strategy to increase the value of Betform coin by burning 5% of commission charged quarterly , hence decreasing total supply. So far so good, Betform has some renowned games like : Texas hold em, Big Two, In Between and Mah-Jong.

All payments are done with ETH

Check out the links below for more information about Betform
Website: https :// /

Telegram: https :// / BetformOfficial

Twitter: https :// / Betform2

Medium: https :// / betform

Reddit: https :// /r/ Betform /

Github: https :// / GameDevICO

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