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Hello, today I would like to open for you a completely new, very interesting platform, working with the latest system of blockchain technologies. The platform under the proud name «IAGON» will surprise you with its revolutionary system, forcing to think about choosing the preferred crypto currency platform. The idea of «IAGON» is to create a global, encompassing the whole world – a supercomputer that will not only work with blockchain technologies, but also will have the smartest and simplest to use artificial intelligence. Effective service from the platform will be guaranteed to you, and you will learn and will be able to use this very convenient system without any complications. And all this is absolutely no matter what kind of person you are and what you do, after spending some time you will surely understand that you have chosen the ideal platform for yourself. For further information, be sure to read on, it will be interesting here!
IAGON is a platform for using storage capacities and computing power of several computers over a decentralized blockchain network. IAGON allows you to store large data files and repositories, as well as reduces file sizes; performing complex computational processes such as those required for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, in a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates blockchain, cryptography and AI technologies in a user-friendly manner.

AI-based movements call for a large number of computations and consume substantial computationally powerful GPU actions. It is assumed that the need for space and computable power will increase with the expansion of the introduction of AI additions in the latest areas and with the extensive introduction of the convocation of information from some channels (such as meters, public relations, data providers, etc.), and then cultivating them. The main task of the IAGON is to revolutionize the market of cloudy and Internet services, offering a dispersed grid of conservation and processing. Joined to the irreplaceable storage capacity in the servers and individual PCs and their computable power, I can form a computer and data center, which is capable of competing with the various available Mongols cloudy calculations in the base of some servers and PCs, using the free storage capacity in their own drives and their processors after hours. Firms and individual identity with the target buyers of these services in the part of the marketplace value and the most significant degree of protection, including the convergence of information processing, entrepreneurship and individual PC users and applying their voluntary capacity with the aim of preserving information, but also their processors and GPU processors during periods of inactivity and overcoming access barriers imposed significant level of investment required with the goal of competition in this auction.
IAGON works:

Powered by artificial intelligence to connect users to services and decentralized applications

Easy to use features and functions synchronized across all smart devices

No matter who you are - just a user or a big company. IAGON will take care of you!

The miners have registered on the platform will be invited to participate in its development. There are limited positions

Platform for registration:

Decentralized and Secure cloud platform
Development of a single solution for decentralized cloud services
Artificial intelligence
We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and blockchain technology to ensure the security of our platform

Integrated DApps
Our robust and integrated decentralized applications are on a single platform for each user

Create revenue by sharing your computer's resources, including computing power and memory

Smart contracts
Anyone can create their own smart contracts on an easy-to-use user interface without writing any lines of code

Decentralized secure storage
Our unique, patented, secure, and encrypted distributed storage uses blockchain and sharding protocols

Blocking / Tangle
Using a hybrid of Blockchain and Tangle technologies, we strive to revolutionize storage and processing decentralization
IAGON is happy to formally announce our collaboration with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government's most important instrument for innovation and the formation of Norwegian companies and industry. They can help and keep firms in shaping their own competitive strengths and in increasing innovation. For this reason, I am very much proud of this, that they have decided to help IAGON as well as an innovator and science and technology firm and have decided to be our technology partner.
The Norwegian firm, which is constantly admired luxury plans and startups, which omnisolve Innovation Norway. Their projects and services are designed to form the most efficient businessmen, the largest number of companies with the potential to increase and the most innovative entrepreneurship clusters. With the support of Innovation Norway, Iagon is able to communicate right up to the society an excellent computer by linking Big Data and AI abilities.
In addition, the fact that I showed my own vision and capabilities of our plan, IAGON argued Innovation Norway abilities and abilities of forming a world supercomputer and super center. IAGON argued that someone is able to compete with different with today's cloudy computationally magnates and guarantees a large scale of conservation and processing abilities to aid action with big data and AI. 29 Jan 2018 IAGON finished efficient industrial experience, in which comp.the data existed encrypted, sent to dispersed areas of conservation through the source-chain, and then there were selected and encrypted user in the absence of loss of properties or data. Part of the files stored in the remote areas did not have a chance to be interpreted one or another-or in a roundabout way, apart from boot loader, it does not have all the chances to be combined with primary file or by user, thus granting users to bulletproof security and the unknown using the following block chain. This demonstrates that the IAGON is located in the right way in order to revolutionize the clouds.

To our project was joined by Dr. Nezer Zaidenberg, Advisor on cyber security. Nezer is a dedicated entrepreneur, founder and technical Director of Truly Protect, an Advisor to ICO and a dedicated researcher.
Nezer will assist in the development of the IAGON project, ensuring its success, with its vast experience and extensive experience in the field of information technology and cybersecurity.
Nezer has 15 years of experience in large-scale projects, as well as leading and consulting technology startup. Over the years, he has exerted a monumental influence in the field of it technology, continuing to develop a phenomenal career out of passion. Nezer is on our Advisory Board as a cybersecurity adviser and is encouraged by his vast experience. The IAGON team is happy to have him with us and we believe that his experience will be of great importance to ensure A reliable, secure and robust eagon platform, moving the IAGON forward.
IAGON society is rapidly increasing. More than that our line is increased more than this I strive to guarantee to our society became more than I had assured to provide. This is also a factor, according to which I joined with a similar number of striking partners over the past few months. To date, we have another amazing message about the partnership, and I am confident that many of you will become ecstatic!
The IAGON has decided to work with Bounty0x, a decentralized network of bounty with the concept of inspection based on rates and tokens for the purpose of views. They give orders for the purpose of management, software research, studies and consulting. Bounty0x will be able to use it for everyday activities, if the lover will meet their conditions. This no less than one with the factors according to which I wanted to promote Bounty0x, consisted in this, that IAGON I believe that each of our society, which is recording their own contribution to the plan, shall be rewarded. Its plan "Majors" is aimed at problems that will be implemented by a single people in their own bonds in different platforms. The IAGON will lay a series of competitions according to the information and reward of any follower with the iagon tokens. I aim to outline as much as possible about our plan and I aim to commit the given in a non-dangerous, dispersed and conscientious debarkader, for this reason I have decided to connect with Bounty0x. In addition, they will have a whole supervision of the research, launch and management of the campaign.
To better our race, I stressed 575 000 IAG - tokens. And I'm quite happy to call absolutely everyone you to join our contest reward and purchase promotion!

Our team:
We worked very efficiently and we want to
to present our exemplary innovation.

For more details, you can visit our official website :
More about IAGON: https://www.iagon.com/

IAGON Whitepaper: https://www.iagon.com/pdf/Iagon%20Whitepaper%20v3.2.pdf

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