Introducing SUNXCOIN: "The Smart Blockchain Crypto-Fiat Exchange"

In the World in which we live in, blockchain technology is developing in ways that was never thought to be possible. Ever since bitcoin came into reality, which eventually ushered in a new age of legitimate digital currency solutions, 'the world has experienced brilliant minds that has come together for the greater good and it is worth noting which has also attracted the global attention. Imagine an atmosphere of easy cryptocurrency/fiat exchange platform were crypto entrepreneurs can exchange or convert different crytpocurrencies to fiat currency on a regular basis. SUNX (XNS) was especially created for that.

You may probably want to know what SUNX (XNS) is all about.
SUNX (XNS) is a smart blockchain exchange platform that is designed to create wealth with low transaction charges and as well a smooth and immediate transactions with more than 100 countries to benefit from SUNX visions and mission. Every investor is entitled to 3-10% of every gain that incurred monthly from the transactions charges if a trade is carried out using the SUNX app. These financial investments is the allocation of money in expectation of some financial gains. The gains in the financial markets are called returns and it can either be capital gain or investment income, a typical example of this is the purchase of bonds and stocks. The purchase of bonds means issuing debt with an agreement to pay interest for the use of money, while the stocks are simple shares of individual companies sold out to raise additional financing for operation. Digital currency is a way in which funds are raised, for a new cryptocurrency project and also financial returns for investment, both in the short or long run.

SUN (XNS) will develop an application fortrading in which investors can buy and sell cryptocurrency almost instantly such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and others. SUNX will also have two sets exchange in buying and selling cryptocurrency. This would make would make it possible for investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the SUNX app which would be done instantly. XNS would also have a peer to peer exchange in which trading would be done with an individual on the SUNX platform. The aim of this SUNX (XNS) is to create or make a fiat or cryptocurrency exchanger that is powered by blockchain technology, where major cryptocurrencies would be traded, and exchange/fiat currency investment opportunity records will be cryptographically linked to each other and stored in blockchain database of the exchange. It would work by initializing the top coin innto the cryptomarket.

The mission of SUNX is to make sure that every individual is able to make quick transactions in the comfort of his/her hood to achieve the sustainable vision to solve the issue of low return on finanncial investments. It is interesting to know that SUNX (XNS) would create an effective trading, investment, cryptocurrency/fiat exchange platform. With this mission at hand, SUNX envisions a time when people can be empowered financially by given returns up to 3-10% interest via the advance algorithm of SUNX and the app usage. SUNX also has a vision to create an easy and secure internal exchange for trading.
ICO details:

Token price - 1 XNS = $0.3
Address - 0xbf2f1e0e41f1e144bb1d5870e94324b9878dd95b
Token symbol - XNS
Decimals - 18

Roadmap of SunX:
This platform, known as SUNX establishment, was formed in 2017. The ideal of the platform and formation of the block chain technology was formed in the month of May 2017. In June 2018 the ICO campaign has been launched along with the alpha - beta version being developed for the SUNX app. Profit sharing will commence from August when early investors would be paid out their profit shares. Platform launch is planned for the end of 2018 after which further updates and developments are planned for 2019.
Supply 10,000,000 XNS

Pre ICO sales 1,000,000 XNS Token

Crowd sale 5,000,000 XNS Token

1,000,000 for remarketing

900,000 for team members

Air drop first stage 200,000

1,500,000 for sustainability of the company

Airdop second stage 200,000 before crowd sales

Crowd sale referral: Earn 10% XNS

Bounty 200,000

Team of SUNX:
Florence Osas Pius is CEO and cofounder of the platform. She has also helped to form the osascryptology Nig Ltd, which is also a similar startup venture.
Frank Basco acts as the community manager at this company who also handles most marketing activities and forms strategies for the same. He also has a role of Qompass token. He has graduated in Information Technology.
Louver Asuncion acts as bounty manager and moderator as well as an administrator for telegram and other marketing activities of the platform. He has graduated from Manila Central University in management.

For More Detailed Information About SUNX (XNS), please visit the following:

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