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Today I want to look again at the Aergo project, which the founders call blockchain 4.0 and consider the platform’s internal currency — the tokens Aergo erc-20 and Aergo Platform Tokens. It turns out these tokens can be earned, namely, to participate in the popularization of the project Token Distribution Event (TDE) and the bounty company. To participate in TDE, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the Aergo project, to take part in popularizing the ecosystem of this startup, in its development, and attracting new members to the user community of the system. Based on the vector analysis, the Aergo technology team will evaluate the contribution of each of the participants and distribute project tokens among them.

During the bounty campaign, 3,275 community members should receive a reward of between $ 250 and $ 2,000 in AERGO tokens. This program will distribute a little over 50% to $ 3,000,000 in tokens allocated to public TDE. The remaining tokens will be received by enthusiasts around the world in the second program, which runs in parallel.

Currently the RewardDrop program is presented (this REWARDrop program excludes participants from China and the USA):

  • A community incentive program to encourage our most supportive community members.
  • An ecosystem incubation program to attract at least 50 regional business partners - activists from around the world.

This program is valid until October 14.

Ways to assist each of us in the development of the project:

  • Participate in discussions in our official channels, social media and in various forums and communities.
  • Publish and comment on articles that describe the problems and mechanisms associated with the introduction of blockchain in business processes, and explain how Aergo contributes to their solution.
  • Lead the discussion on coder forums, discuss the mechanism of the smart contract Aergo SQL.
  • Create high-quality content, explaining to interested parties what Aergo is.
  • Translate content created by Aergo into their languages.
  • Express your understanding of the concept of Aergo in any other way.
  • Participate in the referral program to attract members to the Aergo community.


I was interested in the project Aergo. Now there are a lot of projects that promise a lot, but do little. Sites and descriptions of these projects are always close to ideal, during the period of collecting money, project teams are active, polite and attentive to questions. And after the end of the ICO, everything changes. In total, 144 151 452 Aergo tokens were sold to interested investors and the equivalent of $ 28 832 654 received from their sale. So the development team has money for the project development. The idea of conducting a TDE after a successful ICO is relatively new in a cryptosocommunity; nevertheless, this is the most effective incentive scheme. I joined the company Aergo, and it is interesting for me to work together with a team of professionals in my field.

The uniqueness of the article here - 100 %

More information can be found here:

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