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Today, many are interested in the topic of investment. This is not accidental, since this area is relevant, and with its proper application, you can earn well. But you must understand that it is not so easy. All this is achieved by serious work and good knowledge. This is a fundamental factor for good earnings. As it has already become clear, it is quite difficult to make money on investments, and that is why knowledge is needed, or at least, what will be for you to analyze the market as a whole. Yesterday I met a project that aims to help invest people who cannot analyze the markets. I suggest about him now and talk. The project is called AiBB.

The AiBB project was created in order to carry out serious market analyzes for a competent investor’s investment. The project applies a decentralized technology, such as blockchain. At the same time using smart contracts. At its core, this platform is a robot that, relying on artificial intelligence, draws conclusions from market analysis and provides advice to users on investment options. In the study of the market will not be a forecast, and the collection and conclusion of information in general about the rationality of an action on the market.

The project is designed in such a way that the user can be fully armed while working with his finances. That is, the user will have the opportunity to receive timely notifications that something bad is happening on the market and the user can always competently respond to a particular market action. At the same time, for convenience, the user will be created and available a mobile application that will be conveniently used by people who are always on the move. At the same time, as you can understand, you will always have access to both finance and wallet with you, due to which you will be able to perform any actions at any time.


The AiBB project team took care of the security of user assets. Among the main features and built-in security features are the following:

  • Biometrics (fingerprints and face biometrics)
  • Password (minimum 9 digit alpha number with mobile / email OTP authentication for unrecognized IP address and best practice location mapping)
  • Token withdrawal (user tokens are automatically transferred from a lost or stolen phone to a backup wallet address. This is triggered when the maximum number of failed logins is reached)
  • Account freezing (users receive alerts in real time when someone tries to log into their trading accounts online, and if it’s not them, they can decide to freeze transactions and accounts)
  • Two pin codes (one to unlock AiBB and the second is required when users complete a transaction or transaction)
  • The threat of intrusion (photo of the offender along with the GPS location will be sent directly to the user)

Also, the AiBB platform will implement its own payment gateway, portfolio manager, smart wallet for various tokens, social connection (supports chat, voice, video and token exchange), a smart contract creation tool, group trading and many other functions.

About the project token:

On the AiBB platform, a token will be used, which is required to unlock certain functions on the AiBB and as payment for trading on the platform. The use of tokens is aimed at increasing the activity of the ecosystem and allows stakeholders to improve the way they trade. In the photo you can see all the possibilities of using the AiBB token.


ICO terms and conditions:

Sales of tokens of this project are very interesting. To purchase an internal token of this platform, you will need to purchase a card. Further, the acquisition of the token itself. The price is not unequivocal, as sales are divided into three stages. And at each stage the price will be higher than the previous one. The most interesting thing is that at each stage a certain number of AiBB tokens will be sold.

Token name: AiBB
Platform: Ethereum
Total number of tokens issued: 88 000 000 AiBB
Total number of tokens allocated to the Pre-Sale and ICO stages: 40 000 000 AiBB
Pre-Sale Token Price: 1 AIBB = $ 0.25
The price of the token during the ICO stage: from $ 0.5 to $ 1 (depending on the stage)
Accepted currency: SYS, BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Soft Cap: $ 1 250 000
Hard Cap: $ 25 000 000

The project team:

The project team consists of leading professionals in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain, startups and financial technical analysis who are interested in implementing a trading platform that solves some of the fundamental barriers to entry cryptocurrency domain.



The project AiBB clearly defined goals. The team works according to the roadmap. The whole team has good knowledge to implement the planned ideas. With the AiBB project, many investors will really become easier. In order to make decisions regarding your participation in the project, I recommend that you read it in more detail at the links listed below. Welcome to the future with AiBB.


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More information can be found here:

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