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Today, many people are attracted to cryptocurrencies. This is not surprising, since digital assets provide ample opportunities for users. In particular, the blockchain technology allows you to perform many processes and provides those opportunities that you could dream of before. As a result of the formation of increased interest in the cryptocurrency market, a trend has emerged that improves the educational and information sphere for each of us. However, the cryptocurrency sphere remains difficult enough for most people to understand. Many experts understand its advantages and technologies. Some people do it well, others do not. All because the cryptocurrency industry is difficult to understand.

The Airsave Travel project is a development based on the use of a decentralized application (DApp). This application was developed this year. The peculiarity of this application is that its technology is based on fairly simple use. That is, there is no need to enter or install. Everything is done with one click. In its work, the project uses blockchain technology, thanks to which all users within the system are attracted, authenticated and rewarded. Each user wants to earn and save during their journey. Travel has become a necessity in the lives of most people. People always travel on different business. Thanks to a wonderful partnership with STA Travel, each of us can achieve our goals.

Features and advantages of the project Airsave Travel:

The Airsave Travel Platform allows you to save on the new Crypto-Currency Aviation Coins (AST). Savings can also be made in foreign currency. As a result, it becomes possible to increase your income with tokens. Currently the app is available for download in the App Store. Using the application in conjunction with the blockchain using the network of their friends, we will be able to earn money. During the cooperation with the project, each of us earns. Then, this money can be withdrawn to Fiat every 4 months. The amount of cash withdrawal will be 20 percent of the paid travel vouchers.

About project token:

The internal currency of the project is ASTC tokens, which provide ample opportunities for their users. First of all, it is getting access to AST DApp and a great opportunity to store and earn money, awards and vouchers STA Travel. After the release of the project on the stock exchange ASTC tokens can also be sold.



Overall, the Airsave Travel project looks attractive. Especially for those who like to constantly travel, chat, share experiences and photos and make joint trips to different parts of the world. All this will allow the built-in social network of the project. It is Great!

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