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To date, the sports field is experiencing difficulties, which are due to the fact that the player doubts the fairness of the performance of the game by the sports system. As a result, users do not want to register. If we consider the bookmaker office, then the same problems arise. First of all, this is an inconvenience in the passage of registration, delays in payments, fees for payments, bet limits and much more. All these problems can be solved by the BitGoals project. I propose to start my review by evaluating the idea of the project, discussing what this project represents and what idea it offers its potential investors.

As you might have guessed from the name, BitGoals connects project with the sports industry. Immediately I want to note that the sports industry undoubtedly needs the introduction of modern technologies and such a project as BitGoals is very appropriate for this. I suggest that you initially get acquainted with the definition that the developers of this project offer us.

BitGoals is a decentralized system based on blockchain technology, which is designed specifically to unite and service all participants in the sports industry. With the introduction of blockchain, transparency is achieved in the betting industry (sports betting). This sphere undoubtedly needs transparency, because very often we meet in it with various kinds of fraud. The BitGoals project is designed to solve this problem and bring this sphere to a whole new level.

The advantages of the project:

  • Solving the issue of fraud through a single entrance to all games, as well as applying a smart contract.
  • The use of a decentralized system reduces the limits on betting for players. There is also an opportunity to monitor all financial condition.
  • Quick withdrawal of funds. That is, the player will be able to output BitGoals with minimal time. In the future, the player himself decides how to apply his reward.
  • The internal currency of the project, which will become the basic unit on the platform for all operations.

About the project token:

Inside the platform, a STP token is used, which allows people to participate in the development of the platform, make bets, pay for various products used inside the system. That is, the STP token represents the internal currency of this platform. This I think is another great advantage of the BitGoals platform, because we are getting away from the fiat funds and begin to use the crypto currency. Plus, we also take into account the growth of crypto-currency assets, thanks to which the users of the platform will be able to earn not only on their knowledge and good luck, but also the growth of the STP's cryptocurrency asset.



In my opinion, the idea of BitGoals will undoubtedly be in demand and probably this platform will even be able to become the world leader in online betting and sports events. Join this magnificent project and become a part of the revolution in the sports industry.

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