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Today, there are a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, centralized ones occupy a huge popularity and a significant percentage of all exchanges. It seems to me that such exchanges contradict the principles of decentralization. I think many of you think the same way. All for the reason that these exchanges can be closed by taking away all the funds stored on them, these exchanges need to undergo KYC, which threatens users with leakage of confidential data and many other problems that may arise from users, and even occur periodically. At the same time, there are decentralized exchanges, but for some reason they are the least popular. Therefore, I would like to tell today about one of these exchanges, which has already become popular among users. The exchange is called Deex. First of all, I would like to share those products that the Deex exchange provides for its users.

Deex Products:

DEEX platform is represented by the following products:

  • Fast and functional decentralized cryptocurrency exchange DEEX. It is already functioning and provides high liquidity of assets and good volatility of currency pairs. Right now you can easily register and start trading.
  • The possibility of listing projects. Projects that are looking for markets to place their tokens and coins can apply today. Now all the most favorable conditions have been created for them.
  • The project is developing its own debit plastic cards. In the near future, it is planned to issue plastic cards on which you can even adjust your salary. This opens up opportunities that bank debit cards do not have. Such as trading, investing in ICO, trust management of traders and other opportunities for passive earnings with varying degrees of riskiness, from risky to practically safe.
  • Placement of ATMs. It is planned to place ATMs in the physical space of the society. So that ordinary people have financial capabilities that allow them to get closer to financial prosperity.
  • Application of the API. With this tool it is already possible to integrate DEEX products into other systems. This could be a corporate solution, part of a third-party financial product, part of the product ecosystem of an IT startup, and so on. Application developers are invited to the project.
  • Using the capabilities of a cryptocurrency fund. This tool will significantly increase the liquidity of the market and help large players to enter it.
  • A fully functioning ICO ecosystem. A unique solution by which technology projects will be able to attract funding for the implementation of the ideas of their products. And also to revive their projects with the help of listing on liquid markets. The ability to use a crane with which you can get DEEX tokens for free right now.


As you can see, the Deex exchange provides for each user a large number of products, and the opportunities for each of us thanks to this exchange are enormous. The project is already fully operational. This can be checked by registering on the exchange. Deex has a large number of trading pairs, with good tools for trading. I believe that the number of users will only grow, providing liquidity at a high level.

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