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Data vendors today are looking for a transparent and understandable way to deliver their product to consumers on the market. This should be, first of all, a transparent way, where each participant in the transaction sees what the payment was made for and what did not suit the client in case of refusal. This is especially true when the client can and wants to make a partial payment only for using what he really needed and turned out to be useful. It is also important for data vendors to explore new markets and look for new customers. Today, for these purposes, we have to work with a huge number of intermediaries, and this reduces the cost of data for the vendors themselves. In addition, these intermediaries are not always bona fide partners, and the safety of such databases, sold only once, may be a big question. As it is necessary to stop criminal proliferation with the help of the law and the judicial system, these means are not always quick and affordable. During this time, fraudsters can cause irreparable harm.

Datablockchain provides this feature to the fullest. Thanks to the blockchain system, all transactions will be recorded in smart contracts. This makes transactions safe, transparent, democratic and efficient as never before.

How Datablockchain helps data vendors:

  • Transparency. Thanks to blockchain, all transactions in the system between the data vendors and the customer become completely transparent and visible in real time. The provider no longer needs to worry that he will not receive payment from the client. The client knows that he only pays for the data that he will use and he needs.
  • A provider can make adjustments to his work if he sees that certain data is not in demand. Conversely, to expand those areas where there is visible success.
  • Efficiency. At the first stage, the Datablockchain will provide its customers with access to 3 billion sources of various data at once! The system has been thoroughly tested for stress tolerance and can simultaneously process a huge number of transactions and databases. This ensures effective interaction between providers and customers, as well as direct access of customers to a huge set of data around the world!
  • Availability. Datablockchain provides providers access to the global customer market. If before any organization was limited to the local market, now it can easily and simply expand the base due to the demand for their databases worldwide. In the opposite case, the data vendors can segment its base into a specific business area and also receive an influx of customers from there. All tools for this are provided.
  • Security. The problem of data safety and security is today a key one for providers. Datablockchain uses an innovative approach to security for its bases, which has been thoroughly tested for a long time. Therefore, it can guarantee complete security for the databases of the system participants.
  • Transaction data is provided in blockchain tracking in real time. Therefore, the provider always knows the exact cost and time of the transaction.
  • Datablockchain allows you to take a fresh look at the data supply market for both providers and customers. The conditions of data market globalization make prospects for providers more vivid and attractive.
  • Clients also benefit from the lack of borders and globalization, since now they do not need to go to another country or work with intermediaries at inflated prices. Everything is now at hand within one platform. And it is just very convenient.

If you still doubt - take a look at the MVP project, which is available right now on the site. All the necessary links you will find below.

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