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Every person has heard about cryptocurrencies and many of them know that this sphere is in the initial stage of its development. There is a future for cryptocurrencies, but there is still a lot to be improved. In connection with the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, the number of exchange platforms, which offer their conditions for their users, is also increasing. Each exchanger has some advantages, and you can also find disadvantages. Exchangers are both centralized and decentralized. And in most cases when working with the first type of exchangers, many problems arise for users. These problems must be solved in order to attract users, experienced traders, as well as newcomers to their stock exchange. Such problems have become for users the lack of guarantees for the security of their use of the services of the exchange, the existing large fees for conducting operations on the exchange, the lack of quality services. There are a lot of problems. And these problems can be listed for a long time. Each centralized exchange will have its own problems. All this leads to the fact that the level of development of the entire cryptocurrency industry is inhibited, and I want only growth. To do this, each of us needs a safe exchange so that we can trade and hold assets on the platform without fear for their safety. Such an exchange was the DEEX platform, which will be discussed in this article. Exchange is decentralized.

DEEX is an already existing stock exchange where each of us can trade at the moment: both an experienced trader and a novice in the field of cryptocurrency. This exchange has a fairly high level of security. And this factor is one of the key when choosing an exchange, for making a deposit on the platform and trading, as well as maintaining a deposit for a long time. Trading on the stock exchange is a pleasure. The interface is pleasing to the eye.

The work of the DEEX exchange was built using the BitShares 2.0 platform engine. I remind for those who do not know. This platform is a high-quality from a technological point of view, as well as in terms of decentralization, the development, using blockchain, to create smart contracts with a high level of performance, providing accounts for corporate clients, opportunities to receive rewards. In addition, there is also such a function as DPOS, which is a delegated PoS-technology.

The plans of the exchange are huge. The roadmap of the platform can be found on the official website of the project. I will rewrite only the main plans, and that the team is going to introduce into the work of its stock exchange. These include: Development of DEEX.CORE, which is a tool on the basis of which the user has the opportunity to receive additional income as a result of the activities of all trading participants. This can be either direct or indirect participation in the functioning of the exchange. That is, it will be cooperation on favorable terms for each of the parties with minimal risks. The next item is DEEX.ICO. With the help of this tool, each user will be able to earn from the ICO. To do this, you need to buy exchange tokens and store them inside the platform. When any ICO wants to cooperate with the exchange, the user will receive income as a result of storing DEEX tokens. Well, another insrumen, no less important - DEEX.FUND. By investing in stock platforms managed by DEEX traders with extensive trading experience. That's all I wanted to tell about the DEEX exchanger. Get DEEX tokens and get rewarded with time. Keep tokens for the future, and the more they will be to you, the more you can earn extra in the future. Thanks for attention!

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