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To date, there are a large number of exchanges. This is not surprising, since it is one of the most profitable areas of activity. Competition is becoming more serious each time, but everyone wants to be in this market, despite the fact that they do not offer any innovations. I would like to talk about one exchange, which will be different from its predecessors. Exchange called BISTOX. I chose this exchange, as it will be useful for both experienced traders and beginners. Each participant will be able to get their benefits by working on this exchange. Now I will talk about the key features of the BISTOX exchange.

All transactions that will be carried out on the BISTOX exchange will be transparent; the blockchain NEM will be used for this. Commissions will be available to everyone. The user can control the level of his commission expenses. In addition, the exchange plans to conduct regular audits. To this end, partnerships will be concluded with companies that will provide an audit. As a result, the number of partners will grow, and at the same time, interest in this exchange will be the same. The next point is the mandatory verification of identity, that is, the exchange will be licensed. I believe that testing is necessary in our own interests. In order to solve quickly the issues and problems of its users around the clock technical support will work. We all know how important this is, because sometimes it happens that it takes a very long time to solve the problems that arise within the exchange. In my opinion, the main features will be to provide the user to use the exchange without transferring a digital asset to an exchange wallet, and every trader will be able to see the results of all the most successful traders and their strategies. This is just phenomenal, especially for newbies.

BISTOX Exchange is developing a mechanism for the application of artificial intelligence, which will be aimed at maximum assistance to all participants. As a result, each of us will be able to undergo training and receive additional benefits from this.


I see the BISTOX project promising in the future. The exchange should bring us what we have been waiting for from representatives of this sphere for a long time, but, apparently, we will not wait. But everyone will use BISTOX in the near future.

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