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Masternet has been operating in the global computer networking and Internet technologies market since 2007. During its work, the company has grown, strengthened and taken up a strong position in the domestic market of high-quality Internet services. Masternet's main activities are providing organizations and individuals with access to the Internet via leased lines, telephony, hosting Web servers, developing and implementing commercial and non-commercial projects using the Internet.

Masternet is a community project of the Akasic Global ecosystem community to create 50 million users of the Akasic Global ecosystem and bring the MASH coin to the top 10 crypto-conversions with the largest market capitalization, following a clear roadmap and a powerful vision promising to make 2018 a successful year for the Akasic Global ecosystem .

Features and benefits of the project:

First, the project builds a strong and healthy community in accordance with the network of Akasic ecosystems and various types of projects (such as are determined by our experts). Secondly, while at the community development stage for the Akasic ecosystem network, we also project a block chain potentially still in the early stages or a one-time event, but none of them are strong enough to support you. Then both sides lay down the conditions for the integration of benefits for each person. Of course, based on the needs of the chain project of the block, which we will train the community accordingly. Thirdly, the Masternet Community will be rewarded with a share of the akasic network of income ecosystems, as well as other project revenues, the first revenue from transaction fees generated when our community uses MASH to make payments, electronic money trading, trading, money transfer. Masternet is so big that the community has more income than we receive from many of our community’s activities in the ecosystem, such as advertising and product marketing revenues, a free product list, electronic currency converter, free deposit. Governmental services. And then, at the end of each week, earnings are distributed partly registered owner Mash Mash lock token number after the package you choose, when all that was registered to keep congestion in the other part is used for project work and development. For example, if you buy a package worth 1% of the total value of all packages registered, you get 1% profit. In addition, the registry can Mash a drop of water sales that our partners often carry out as part of the agreement. And, finally, the development of Masternet will be defined as groups and the MASH holding has signed a contract with the best based on our future voting program.

About project token on coinmarketcap:

The project has its own internal currency, which is called MASH. As of October 10, 2018, the MASH cryptocurrency has a capitalization of $ 7 729 008 or 1 179 BTC and is ranked N. 408 in the rating of cryptocurrency by capitalization. Over the last 24 hours, MasterNet's cryptocurrency has grown by 33% and is now trading at a price of $ 0.2475. This coin is traded on exchanges such as STEX and Livecoin. MASTERNET cryptocurrency is not subject to mining, that is, all coins of this cryptocurrency were issued immediately or issued only by the developers / founders of this cryptocurrency. The number of coins issued by MASTERNET cryptocurrency currently stands at 31 224 435 coins.


As a result of the project Masternet all its members will benefit. Someone will receive bonuses, as well as monthly income, someone will significantly increase their influence in the market. All this will lead to a significant growth in the community in the future.

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