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Overview of the REMIIT project. Advantages for the participants of the platform

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Every consumer has the right to receive various services. To make them more qualitative and diverse, it is necessary to move away from a centralized monopolized system. This allows you to make a REMIIT project based on blockchain. The creators of the platform have developed REMIIT Smart Contract (RSC), whose goal is to solve the issue with scalability. To ensure that all users of the system are in the center of business relations, RSC has teamed up with the REMIIT extension to the payment gateway protocol (RPGP). As a result, all participants will be able to create many unique channels for the exchange and transfer of funds. Thus, the limitations of the existing monetary system will be removed. The market will expand and business will grow.

The advantages of the project:

  • For business participants, a low commission (B2C) is offered in international money transfers, as well as RSC, which will be connected to the extended B2C network. This is a new way, not known before. In addition, new funds will be provided by smart contracts (thanks to Smart Contracts, existing industries can be associated with innovations).
  • REMIIT Smart Contract will provide participants with interfaces for the use of smart contracts.
  • Users directly or indirectly participating in RSC will be able to check transactions, exchange data and share them through the message channel. So contracts will be transparently implemented in an optimized manner. In addition, Smart Contracts will provide escrow (escrow), a key function that allows participants to trust each other.
  • REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol (RPGP). Through RPGP, payment providers and business-related participants can explore foreign business by contacting REMIIT Smart Contract. This will allow RSC participants to open new companies outside of existing remittance services.
  • Decentralized transparent operations, as well as the ability to create unique channels for conducting transactions. Low interest rate is B2C.
  • Ecosystem Remiit eliminates borders between states. Transparency and proper level of security will be ensured when making transactions.
  • REMIIT is created for payment providers, banking institutions, financial providers, platform and corporate companies, as well as for ordinary consumers.
  • The project will ensure the protection of transactions at the highest level, and thanks to it, participants will be able to easily find a template for their situation. Configuring the conditions to activate the RSC will be convenient due to low-level (programmable) and high-level (customizable) interfaces.

About project tokens:

REMD will be provided as an intermediate currency for REMIIT Smart Contract. For its reliable functioning, a detailed and systematic design is needed. REMD is obliged to rely on external exchanges, which may lead to fluctuations, and this threatens price stability. The developers called this situation "Crypto Paradox" and created the external crypto currency REMI. It and internal crypto-currency REMD are needed to solve external price fluctuations and the duality of the internal business ecosystem. REMI is equipped with a control function for the stability of REMD as a buffer for markets and as a tool for implementing policies on the market. As a result, REMD will be the basis for the stability of internal business operations and will provide liquidity by creating a decentralized REX exchange.

ICO terms and conditions:

Name of the token: REMI
Pre-ICO: Mid Oct ~ Mid Nov
Main ICO: Mid Nov ~ Late Dec
Soft Cap: 5 000 000 $
Hard cap: 20 000 000 $
Price of the token: 1 REMI = 0.01 $


The founders of the project are from Singapore. The team includes highly professional professionals in various fields, but mostly programmers, blockchain developers and experienced financiers. The leader and the founder of the project is Stevie An.


There have been several attempts to commercialize the blockade. This only indicates that the project has a good idea. This platform will connect foreign transfers and payments using blockchain technology. Provide creative opportunities and channels for various participants so that they can make international money transfers in a free and effective way. REMIIT is a unique opportunity for businesses to expand in areas that many could not afford using conventional monolithic channels.

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More information can be found here:

Website | Whitepaper | ANN Thread | Bounty Thread |

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