Problems when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. DEEX Exchange solutions and competitive advantage

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Today, decentralized exchanges are becoming increasingly popular. Exchange DEEX has become another such exchange. The main features of these exchanges is decentralization. Many may decide that this exchange will be no different from others and will not be useful to its users. However, if you study the DEEX exchange and its capabilities, you can find its features. In this article I would like to talk about the problems that exist when choosing between centralized and decentralized exchanges and about the solution offered by the DEEX exchange.

Problems when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange:

Existing decentralized cryptobirds, or as they are also called, DEX-exchanges correspond to the blockchain ideology, but are less popular among users than centralized exchanges. And for this there are reasons. First of all, centralization has become familiar to ordinary users. Many traders are simply used to traditional exchanges and are afraid to trust the new. They are accustomed to use what they understand. But decentralization raises difficult questions and leads to equally complex answers. The next point is the fineness of the market. Decentralized exchanges arose a lot and it happened simultaneously, literally in parallel. And the money was distributed equally to all of them. This makes it difficult for large players to enter and exit. This problem is beginning to be felt by traders from the sum of one thousand dollars. The next problem is the technological atavism of the cryptocurrency market. Historically, centralized exchanges arose earlier, even before the advent of blockchain technology. And the first cryptocurrency exchanges were created in their image and likeness. And, accordingly, occupied the entire market. Now, decentralized exchanges have to constantly catch up with them. Decentralized exchanges have inconveniences that cryptocurrency enthusiasts can tolerate with understanding, but with which simple average people do not want to measure themselves. Constant hangs, slow loading pages, delays, and more. From the analysis of the situation, it turns out that the best strategy for popularizing the decentralized exchange is accumulation of liquidity and technological development.

DEEX Exchange solution and competitive advantage:

The DEEX Exchange is a very convenient, fast and secure decentralized cryptocurrency management platform. It includes the most popular and familiar methods of payment, which makes it affordable for a wide range of consumers. DEEX Exchange is already functioning. The exchange has a number of important advantages over other decentralized exchanges.

  • Desktop bidding application
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • A large number of trading pairs and a wide selection of trading indicators
  • Ability to recover lost passwords
  • User friendly GUI compatible with most modern browsers.
  • 24-hour technical support. Support responds quickly. I personally checked when I wrote a mail request.
  • DEEX provides high liquidity, which is a very important characteristic when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Own hardware cryptocurrency wallet for cold storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Two-factor authentication


It can be concluded that the DEEX cryptocurrency exchange deserves that both experienced traders and novice cryptocurrency companies turn their attention to it. This exchange has just begun its journey and it has good chances to enter the top cryptocurrency exchanges within a few months, since its potential for development is huge.

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