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Bitcoin Air is a new lightweight cryptocurrency designed for the introduction of mainstream cryptocurrency implementation in small businesses around the world. Bitcoin Air is the first two-way operational blockchain that has two unique work chains as a two-way double-chain double chain developed to provide the means to indirectly reduce carbon emissions through decentralized and reliable trade / consumer communication. Bitcoin Air plans to reduce carbon emissions by developing a pair of double-stranded/stable currencies designed to create the most flexible and scalable solutions for traders and consumers.

Benefits of the project for users:

Traders will be able to trade cryptocurrencies without worrying about losing profits due to fraud or technical problems on their usual credit card processing equipment. Consumers will be able to make transactions in many ways, including in person, via the Internet or through the physical currency of AirCash! Bitcoin Air is based on the idea that the development of economic growth should do everything possible to reduce the negative impact in space that is used as much as possible. With the support of Credit Carbon Assets and the strategic goal of reducing emissions through routine activities as simple as buying at your local supermarket, Bitcoin Air plans to create the first environmentally friendly form of currency that will return the power of health, wealth and control back to consumers and traders around the world.

The cryptocurrency provided by the Bitcoin Air team will have a unique structure. Firstly, a bilateral blockchain, in which on the one hand there will be a stable token (steablokyn) USDAP tied to the US dollar, and on the other hand a classic “unstable” (that is, subject to more volatility) XAP token, which will be provided with carbon credits, but about this later. This blockchain structure will be a fork of two existing cryptocurrencies simultaneously - Bitcoin and PeerCoin. Startup Bitcoin Air works on the non ICO system, so instead of pre-selling their token, they will hold a global air drop among Bitcoin and PeerCoin currency holders. At the same time, as you can mistakenly think, after reading their website, the development team is independent and has no connection with the creators of PeerCoin. From which, by the way, they also borrow the algorithm of the work of their blockchain - a hybrid of PoS (proof of stake) and PoW (proof of work), which is called HDPoS / W. This network algorithm has many advantages compared to classic PoW and PoS, for example, a much lower electricity consumption, which is a consequence of mining with a reward system for work. Also, the network built on such an algorithm will be more resistant to hacker attacks and hacking aimed at the blockchain itself, the so-called 51% attack, which, if successful, will cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem and economy of the cryptocurrency to which it is directed.

In addition, to maintain a stable online economy and regulate the exchange rate, the mint / burn mechanism (chasing and burning a coin) will be applied, which will allow you to control the emission and value of cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin Air. In addition, the creators of Bitcoin Air promise to develop the easiest and most convenient decentralized DApp application, which, in addition to the functions of storing and transferring currency, will support Atomic Swap functions for exchanging various cryptocurrencies, as well as work on the Ligthnig Network technology, which significantly accelerates the speed of transactions in the network.

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