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In the previous article I talked about the Mixin project. In this article I would like to talk about the application of this platform. Mixin Network has developed Mixin Messenger, thanks to which each user has the opportunity to get the safe and effective benefits that this network offers.

Mixin Messenger is available for download at Google and Apple and it will allow any user to carry out cryptocurrency transactions, regardless of whether they use the application or not. The application includes the functions of supporting digital wallets and allows you to make transactional payments at a significant speed. At the same time, with an increase in the speed of transactions, the security of transactions and the privacy of the digital currency that exist in the blockchain will be maintained at a high level. This is what makes Mixin different from its competitors - EOS, ICON, NEO, etc.

Messenger Mixin uses in their work bots that were created by developers to perform specific tasks. The following bots were created for transactions:

  • Red Envelop (Red Pocket), which is designed to hold tokens in chat rooms.
  • Assistant (group chat administrator), which is designed so that each owner of a particular group has the opportunity to invite this bot to a group chat to ask a specific question.
  • Exin (OTC exchange). When someone participates in the internal cryptocurrency exchange process, this bot offers a set of specific trading pairs.
  • Coin Exchange includes the task of paid questions and stock exchange. In order to get an answer to a specific question, the user must make a payment.

In addition, there are bots for news and information, as well as for games. They spread all the news that relate to the project and its developments, as well as other interesting information not related to the platform. Also, each user with the help of a bot can play, bet, communicate with a virtual girl and perform other interesting actions.


Under the conditions of strong competition in the cryptocurrency market, the Mixin Network project is distinguished by a highly organized infrastructure that is focused on indicators of scalability, security, privacy, and interblockchein functionality. Thus, the project solves problematic issues with blockchain scaling, thanks to the creation of a highly secure network of distributed registries. And the use of Mixin Messenger will greatly facilitate ongoing operations with cryptocurrencies, allowing you to easily store and transfer them between users.

More information can be found here:

Website | Whitepaper | ANN Thread | Bounty Thread | Reddit

Medium | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram


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