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The GLITZKOIN project is a platform that seeks to ensure the transparency and simplicity of the diamond industry. It unites the traditional diamond industry with the newest decentralized system of Internet values. Estimates will no longer be met by guesswork.

GLITZKOIN seeks to transform the diamond industry by reducing barriers, strengthening coordination and building confidence in cross-border transactions for the diamond industry. High-performance block chain, which provides a win-win trading platform for buyers and sellers of diamonds. Detailed records are stored in an environment protected from unauthorized access. Blockchain technology and crypto currency change the world and the diamond industry is no exception. Despite some nascent efforts, no single diamond-oriented ecosystem has been designed to cover the various problems that the industry faces. The need for transparency, visibility and objectivity in the diamond industry was felt many decades ago. The need for human contact with a person when processing the purchase or sale of diamonds limited the size of the market.

GLITZKOIN focuses on integrating the best features of the traditional diamond industry with the utility and functionality of the latest blockchain technology. The supply chain of diamond jewelry (known as a diamond pipeline) is the process that brings diamonds from the earth to consumers. GLITZKOIN aims to build an open ecosystem based on blpckchain for the diamond industry, where it is possible to lead and coordinate all trade in diamonds

Project advantages:

  • The project uses the latest technology blockchain in the supply chain of the diamond industry. This opens up a new platform for global diamond trading. In addition to reducing the costs associated with the transaction, GLITZKOIN eliminates the inefficiency inherent in processing transactions on paper. A set of advanced functions is implemented to provide a very complex and detailed ability to track diamonds. The goal is to decentralize the diamond market, which will significantly expand access for buyers and sellers of diamonds. The diamond trade requires additional support services, such as shipping, finance and insurance. These services will be provided by individual service providers.

  • Implementation of the GLITZKOIN project will increase the market coverage of the diamond industry. Increased visibility of products and acceptance of the crypto currency will allow diamond dealers at all levels to increase their market share. At the same time, the transparency of the whole process and the authentication of diamonds will promote confidence in both professional and new diamond buyers. The absence of intermediaries and a reduction in transportation costs and other related costs will allow for high competitiveness of prices.

  • Presence of own GLITZKOIN wallet. As a result of using the wallet, users and developers will be able to view the remains of coins, the history of transactions and even subscription contracts. Developers can also see cumulative payments and other user information.

Objectives and Functionality:

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ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: GLT
Platform: Stellar
Total number of tokens released: 999 000 000 GLT
Number of tokens for sale: 245 000 000 GLT
The end of Public Sale: 25.06.2018
The price of the token: 1 GLT = 0.16 USD - 0.2 USD
Accepted payments: BTC, ETH, XLM
Minimum investment: 100 $
Soft Cap: $ 10,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 40,000,000

Road map:

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GLITZKOIN offers comfort in a custom solution that requires less technical knowledge that fits easily into existing business cards as well as into the process itself.

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More information can be found here:

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