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Remco Project Overview. Terms of the ICO project

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Today, the market for small and medium-sized businesses has a large number of companies. And I believe that many of these companies considered blockchain technology and its capabilities. Many representatives of these companies would like to switch to blockchain. However, in order to do this will require a large number of forces and resources. Here you need a blockchain specialist, several programmers and a desire. This is the reason for not too global blockchain distribution today. Now imagine that there is a platform where everyone can create their own tokens. Create an ecosystem for them, exchange conditions (smart contracts) and do it quickly. And all this does not depend on today's blockchains. There are no commissions and the cost of gas, which varies depending on the price.

Remco is a decentralized money transfer platform in which everyone can create their own digital money and ask them terms of use. Let's talk about this project and the benefits to users in more detail.

Features of the project for users:

Each of us knows how hard and difficult it is for ordinary payment systems. In one case, the banks become against, in the other - the new laws in the state will come out. Yes and no easier for customers. There are cases that the payment system fails, as well as banks suddenly freeze accounts. There are no such problems with cryptocurrencies, but there are others. Among such problems, lack of convenience, low speed, little spread and more. Remco team decided to create their own platform, which will be deprived of all the problems of today's blockchains. Yes, and will be developed under the existing business. As a result of the project, clients of any company who are in different countries will be able to make payments thanks to the blockchain. Create your own token, prescribe the terms of the exchange, thereby saving time on other equally important things. In order for your tokens to be in demand, Remco will create a secondary demand market.

Terms of the ICO project:

Token Name: REMCO
Standard: erc-20
Total number of tokens issued: 2 000 000 000 REMCO
The number of tokens allocated for sale: 1 300 000 000 REMCO
The period of the stage Public Sale: December 01 - March 31, 2019
Token price at this stage: 1 REMCO = $ 0.08
Soft Cap: $ 6 000 000
Hard Cap: $ 60 000 000

About the project tokens:

REMCO tokens will be used for all operations within the platform: a fixed commission for transfers, the release of new tokens, etc. So, if you have been eyeing the blockchain for a long time, but did not know how to transfer the existing business project, Remco resolves this issue.


Personally, the Remco project seemed to me an extremely ambitious and promising project. The clear structure and attraction of the existing business make it extremely popular in modern realities. I believe that Remco will find its place among other blockchains, as it offers truly necessary conditions for doing business. The ICO project starts on December 1, for more detailed acquaintance with the project below links will be provided.

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More information can be found here:

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