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Restotoken as a global blockchain platform for organizing the restaurant business

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We all know that food is the largest market in the world. Statistics show an increase in the proportion of those who eat out in public places. Together with them, the number of catering places is growing. Kitchens of all these institutions are arranged at the discretion of the chef. It turns out that customers have to choose only what is in the menu. The blockchain technology allows you to significantly expand this menu and take into account the most delicate taste preferences of customers. How this is possible to do, knows the team of the Restotoken project, which I will talk about today.

In these conditions, the consumer is faced with the problem of choice. In order to choose a food item, today you need to come and try the kitchen. You will not come, and you will not ask the waiter what he thinks about each dish. It would look weird. Entrepreneurs are on the other side. They make up their menu at their discretion, and only over time it becomes clear whether it was successfully compiled or not. And what about those who go to cafes and restaurants in groups. Everyone has their own preferences. Someone likes one thing, someone else. The place to eat what you want, today the consumer eats what they give.

Features of the project for users:

Resto is a global blockchain platform for organizing the restaurant business. It allows entrepreneurs to create a restaurant business at any point and provide high quality service. Including a huge menu, generous bonus programs and real customer reviews about the kitchen. The Resto solution is built into the restaurant system by API and opens up wide opportunities for entrepreneurs. He gets access to the global community of users of Resto customers and global loyalty programs. Investment opportunities and access to the expert community, which will help to correctly organize and develop everything, also become available to him. Having such opportunities and support, entrepreneurs have a whole set of competitive advantages that only large companies can afford.

All Resto users have a mobile app. Among other features, it allows you to pre-order unique dishes for tokens. The global goal is to spread its loyal service programs around the world. Resto prepares a lot of surprises for consumers of the food service: now all loyalty cards are in one mobile application. Taste preferences are taken into account in the restaurants of the chain, you can choose thousands of dishes from the menu, as well as see real reviews about the restaurant. A tool for the exchange of values ​​within the system is the Restotoken token.

Terms of the ICO project:

Token Name: RESTO
Standard: erc-20
Total number of tokens issued: 1 100 000 000 IOVO
The period of the stage of PreSale: September 20th to October 9th
The period of the stage Public Sale: October 10th to December 14th
Token price at this stage: 1 RESTO = 0.0001 ETH
Soft Cap: 12 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 50 000 ETH


I believe that the Restotoken project is promising. First of all, the project deals with the largest market, has high marks on the listings of ICO projects, and sets ambitious goals, if implemented, the platform will undoubtedly be in demand among users.

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More information can be found here:

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