Review of the exchange DEEX. Advantages of the decentralized exchange DEEX from the centralized

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As you know, the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared about 9 years ago. And during this time, its capitalization has reached more than 300 billion dollars. But the most important thing is that in addition to this cryptocurrency, about 1.5 thousand others appeared, and this figure is growing daily. Cryptocurrency completely turned the minds of millions of people, for example, allowing them to conduct instant transfers without any commissions, or completely anonymous, etc. People understood how good the system of decentralization and free financial relations were in spite of the controversy of skeptics. Even now, many governments are beginning to recognize cryptocurrency, and business has long begun to perceive cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Now a situation is being formed in which the entire financial sphere is completely changed. More and more people, businesses and states are beginning to use cryptocurrency, with the most different. The market is growing fast enough and there are many exchanges where you can buy the necessary cryptocurrency.

Yes, today there are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges: centralized and decentralized. Initially, centralized exchanges appeared, and only then more modern ones - these are decentralized. Today I would like to talk about the decentralized exchange DEEX and its advantages over the centralized ones.

Advantages of the decentralized exchange DEEX from the centralized:

Centralized exchanges lack reliability. There is a single exchange management center. The place where it is possible to fully manage all the means of users. Knowing this, hackers often use this and attack the control center. And there are many examples (MtGox, Bitfinex, etc.) when large sums of money were stolen from the exchange. Unfair competition, when you can substitute the managers of the exchange, or ruin their reputation, for example BTC-E. Bans and sanctions by the government. Many clients, being citizens of a country where there is a ban on trading, cannot withdraw their funds from exchanges. Or the government can completely ban the stock exchange and then it will have to close, because of which its clients may suffer. These are the main problems of centralized exchanges, but not the only ones. And the further the cryptocurrency market develops, the more problems will arise with this type of exchanges.

DEEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange of a new generation. It provides a platform for trading, exchange of cryptocurrency using the most popular payment methods. Initially, it will be possible to trade immediately 10 cryptocurrencies, including various altcoins. All the problems that have been identified above DEEX decentralized exchange will solve.

In addition, the exchange will provide for each user the following benefits:

  • Convenient interface
  • Ability to work in all modern browsers
  • Mobile app
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Small commissions
  • Creation of robots for trade
  • Work on the blockchain platform BitShares 2.0
  • Ability to create smart contracts that will be needed in all areas of human activity
  • Also, this exchange has such key characteristics as: decentralization, fast transactions with a speed of up to 10,000 operations per second (for example, Visa or MasterCard only up to 20,000), etc.
  • Application on the exchange of two types of tokens: DEEX.CORE and DEEX.ICO. The DEEX.CORE token is a basic token that will be used as a cryptocurrency inside the exchange for mutual settlements regarding exchange. It will also give the right to receive% from the profit of the cryptocurrency exchange itself. And the more the project itself grows, the greater will be the profit of investors who have bought this token. Depending on the number of tokens on the wallets, it will be possible to make a profit from the commissions within the system itself. The DEEX.ICO token is a token with which you will profit from all the projects created and completed by ICO.


Now is a very good period for the development of the DEEX project, since the cryptocurrency becomes completely legal and the number of users is growing every day. Last year alone, the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market grew by more than 3000% and reached $ 613 billion. That is, in 2017 the market increased by 200 times. And the following years will constantly increase the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, I believe that DEEX is still ahead and there are good opportunities to become a successful exchange.

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