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Greetings to all who are interested in blockchain-based projects. Today I will try very briefly to talk about a project called Worldopo. This is a multiplayer strategy game that will function in real time. It is nothing but a simulator of urban construction. Transactions during the gameplay will take place on the Ethereum platform in WPT tokens. The creators of Worldopo rely mainly on interaction with players who have a small amount of money in their account, which means the transaction amounts will be mostly small. It follows that numerous commission payments can become a very big problem for the Ethereum network, especially in conditions when the player base will constantly expand and grow. Remember the same ill-fated cryptocics. When the network could not process a huge number of transactions and people waited for days for their confirmation. Therefore, the developers decided that small transactions should take place outside the network, which means they will be completely free. And only with large transactions the necessary commission will be raised. In my opinion, this is a very sensible decision that will positively affect the growing popularity of the game Worldopo.

Game features for players:

The Worldopo platform will provide interesting opportunities in the implementation of various promotions. For example, the game will accrue rewards to users for various purchases that have been made offline, in real life. For example, you buy a hamburger, scan a purchase receipt, send the scan to the game and get a certain amount of game coins for this action. A very interesting decision, isn't it? According to the Roadmap, which can be found on the Worldopo website, the project will function for 3 years, but in two years it will pay off in full. The main task of each player is to become as rich as possible by acquiring new real estate. But just to buy real estate will not be enough for efficiency, you need to be able to preserve and increase your assets through rational management. The game has the ability to unite into clans and act together, accumulating more resources. All transactions will be supported by smart contracts, so you should not worry about the security of your own funds.

Types of currencies that are used in the game:

In the virtual world of the Worldopo game, there are three types of currencies: this is the main Coins in-game coin, WPT tokens and the Building resource (building resource). The economic incentive is guaranteed to all Worldopo players due to the ability to realize earned WPT tokens. That is, all Worldopo users will be able to subsequently exchange their WPT tokens for real fiat money. These same tokens can be used to purchase coins. Coins - the main estimated domestic currency. The game will be held auctions, in which users can sell any in-game items. In addition, the game will offer the possibility of advertising on the property of each player. This can be done using the same WPT tokens. The main factor affecting the pricing policy will be, according to the developers, the ever-growing popularity of the game.


The Worldopo platform offers each player to model their own economy and various situations that could happen to you in the real world. This game will surely appeal to those people who want to better understand and learn new technologies based on the blockchain. With the help of a smartphone, they will be able to create entire urban infrastructures and manage them independently. The time that you will spend on the game Worldopo will not pass in vain, since you earn tokens that can be exchanged for real money. Worldopo is not just a game. The developers of Worldopo decided, in my opinion, the main task is to introduce the gaming community to the latest blockchain-based technologies through an exciting and exciting gameplay. Our future is precisely for such advanced and wonderful decentralized games.

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