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Absolutely all innovations are the fruits of timely investments and active actions from their attraction. An example of this can even serve as a biography of Ilona Musk and his development called Zip2. This review is about attracting funding for start-up start-ups on behalf of Smart Valor, representatives of the team and FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervision Department) who will monitor the entire process making it as safe as possible. Eliminating investment-related projects open up the flow of new funds both to the development of the cryptocurrency industry and advanced technologies that will be part of our future life. After all, many investment projects are not available for us, as they are only for institutional investors, but the publication of such projects on an open specialized officially registered site will have a positive effect on start-up financing of relevant companies.

Smart Valor is a platform for alternative investments which also includes digital assets. The main feature of the project is the minimum investment threshold. The company is legally established in Switzerland (offices in Zug, Munich and Paris) and one of the key and distinguishing points is control over the activities of FINMA.

Features of the project for users:

The token has all the basic benefits of the ERC-20 Token Utility, but unlike the others, the platform is divided into several package offers, depending on which you can invest a certain amount in the project that will be provided for you by Smart Valor. In addition to traditional financial markets, alternative investments are also used, meaning digital assets (start-ups). The whole principle of operation is structured as follows: you buy tokens, after which, according to your balance, you are provided with a list of those projects with a minimum investment threshold that are selected by the Smart Valor team, and this could be a planned large-scale mining farm, a field of solar panels, real estate development and etc. Also, VALOR tokens will be used to vote on whether future ICOs can be implemented on the platform or not. People who have voted on this issue will receive a percentage of the trading fees, etc. During investments, Valor assets are converted into CHF (Swiss franc)


This kind of platform is always welcomed by the cryptocurrency community, many well-deserved awards are published on the official website, but unfortunately this is not a security token and there is no attachment to the assets of investment companies, the price of the Valor token will be due to dividends. with traditional financial markets, the only difference is the withdrawal of funds, which will be fully available to you.

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