The main technologies of the project Aergo. Token Aergo


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Aergo is a 4th generation blockchain, which is complemented by a modern development platform and is designed to automate business processes. It aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem of additional dApps, technologies and service providers that use secure cloud models. Aergo is designed for the corporate sector so that enterprises can enjoy both public and private blockchain-related innovations, while at the same time having the ability to create, deploy and manage new services. The project is being developed by Blocko and will be based on the Coinstack platform they have created.

Platform elements:

Aergo Chain - directly blockchain itself with Aergo SQL smart contract language.

Aergo Hub - application layer with two types of repositories - public and private.

Aergo Marketplace - Marketplace applications in the Aergo ecosystem.


The main technologies of the project Aergo:

  • Aergo SQL - own simplified language for the development of smart contracts.
  • Sidechain technology for creating your own networks with low costs and commissions.
  • Consensus Deterministic DPoS works on the basis of reputation and balance.

Token Aergo:

Aergo token is utilitarian in the ecosystem. It is used as a medium of exchange, is used in smart contracts, an algorithm for reaching consensus, as a way of paying for computing resources, services of Aergo Hub services, technical support. They are paid for all transactions on the Aergo Marketplace.


The main drawback of the project is great competition. But having an experienced team and supporting funds makes this project very promising.

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More information can be found here:

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