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Crypto currency is becoming more popular, with their help you can pay for goods and services, and the technology of blockchain is being introduced into many spheres of activity, making life easier for mankind. What can I say, if not so long ago in Venezuela, with the support of the government, was issued its own crypto currency. In conditions of distribution of crypto assets, it is very important that the sites also actively develop to optimize their use. This will promote even more popularization of digital money. One of such sites is DECOIN.

The concept of DECOIN

DECOIN is a decentralized trading platform, part of the revenue of which will be distributed between holders of internal coins. The purpose of creating DECOIN is to popularize crypto currencies around the world, as well as creating such conditions on the platform that will increase the number of users of crypto-tools. The project team relies on the development of those properties that are the most important for such sites, namely: reliability, speed, openness. It is the maintenance of these qualities that will attract both experienced users and traders, as well as beginners.

It is expected that DTEP will commence approximately six months after the company receives a license from the Monetarian Authority of Singapore. This important step will allow DTEP to operate under a regulated license.

The benefits of Decoin

Here are the main functions and advantages of the platform:

  • Credit cards providing funds for funds
  • Decentralization of money and security (3% of coins are stored on the network, and 97% are stored in an autonomous safe depository).
  • The platform is supported by 24/7 accessible and multilingual support centers.
  • Fast translations.
  • For holders of D-TEP coins in the online wallet DECOIN, 6.2%
  • Sharing of D-TEP with DECOIN owners.
    I need to say a few words about the commissions. They are really small here: 0.25% per deal (0.15% for DECOIN holders), 0.03% for withdrawal. Note that immediately after the launch of the trading platform, there will be available coins such as: DECOIN (DTEP), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC) , NEO (NEO), Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM). In the future, their number will grow. It is also planned to realize the purchase of crypto currency by fiat means.

    Well, one more advantage of this platform, I would call a credit card issue. All those who have had some time or other related to the crypto currency, know that today there are not so many services that allow you to pay with a crypto currency means using a credit card. It is planned to present 5 types of cards, depending on the amount invested in D-TEP. Users of these cards will be available discounts in various stores, entertainment centers and other institutions.

Token and ICO

Coin DTEP (created on the blockchain of DECOIN) will be the internal payment unit on the platform. Among the holders of these coins, a certain percentage of the total revenue of the platform will be distributed. In addition, the consensus algorithm Proof-Of-Stake will be available, according to which each holder of coins is guaranteed to receive 6.2% per annum. At the same time, with users of DTEPs on their accounts, a smaller commission for transactions on the platform will be withdrawn.
Token: DTEP
Total: 140 000 000 DTEP
Pre-Sale: 23.04.2018 – 30.09.2018
Public Sale: 01.102018 – 26.10.2018
Price: 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
SoftCap: 4 000 000 USD
HardCap: 30 000 000 USD

Source of information

More details about this project can be found on the official website. Where both the roadmap and the summary of the project are presented, and of course there is a white paper where you can more deeply and deeply immersed in the essence and concept of this project. Also on the official information channels you can receive all the latest information about the development of this project.

|| WebSite || WhitePaper || Twitter || Facebook || Telegram || GitHub || YouTube || Bitcointalk || Medium ||


The project is very interesting. The main advantages are transparency and openness. All this, together with a high level of protection and reliability, will attract many users. But here it is also necessary to take into account the fact of the existence of a huge competition in this sphere, since the idea of stock exchanges is far from new. Nevertheless, the crypto community is always in search of innovations and fresh solutions, so there is and will be a demand for such projects. According to the road map, the launch of D-TEP is planned already in the first quarter of 2019.

And we were happy to help you today, keep an eye on this project and also keep an eye on updates in our blog, our team is working to ensure that you receive only the most recent and relevant ICO. Also we have telegram channel where you can see the express news, ICO reviews, changes in bounty and much more. All the best to you and see you soon.
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