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The popularity of start-ups is gaining in popularity. There are a lot of spheres for opening startups, but the most promising of them are the creation of smart gadgets, providing cybersecurity, developing software and mobile applications, online education (distance learning), VR sphere and others. Of course, the opening of any business is a long and dreary process, but if everything is done correctly, the result will not be long in coming. But according to statistics, 4 out of 5 startups fail in the first year of their existence. The reasons may be different, but the most common is the wrong prioritization. First of all, it is important to analyze the needs of the market in order to know exactly which direction to take. Then develop a startup concept that would stand out from the rest, and pat it. But it's almost impossible to do this without the help of an experienced mentor. The MoolyaCoin project positions itself as the same mentor.

Conception of MoolyaCoin

MoolyaCoin is an innovative platform that is designed specifically to help beginners, but also experienced, start-ups in the start of their own projects. The platform is inherently composed of six components, which create the entire ecosystem of the platform, namely:

  • Creators of ideas
  • Beginners
  • Investors
  • Companies
  • Companies
  • Service Providers

    As the team of developers says, the integration of these institutions will ensure high productivity and efficient operation of the platform, which, of course, will be useful for the users themselves.
    Very important is that MoolyaCoin uses only reliable tools and concepts that in a short time will help develop your business.
    The platform is based on blockchain technology. Thanks to this, users receive the following:
  • Quick transactions
  • High level of security
  • Communication with the global business community
  • Quick search for mentors and like-minded people
  • Transparency and availability of all operations that are performed within the system

Token and ICO

The project will also release its own tokens, which are called MOOLYA.
Token: MOOLYA(ERC20)
Total: 200 000 000
Price: 1 MOOLYA = 0.06 USD
Pre-Sale: 10.07.2018 - 10.08.2018
Private Sale: 15.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Public Sale: 30.10.2018 - 15.01.2019
SoftCap: 3 000 000 USD
HardCap: 25 0000 000 USD

Source of information

More details about this project can be found on the official website. Where both the road map and the summary of the project's essence are presented, and of course there is white sheet in which you can more deeply and deeply immerse yourself in the essence and concept of this project. Also on the official information channels you can receive all the latest information about the development of this project.

|| WebSite || WhitePaper || Facebook || Twitter || Telegram || LinkedIn || Bitcointalk ||


The idea is very interesting, considering that many are striving to open their own business and become successful - the platform will be in demand and already has a huge potential segment of consumers. This project will be useful for beginning startups who do not know where to start. The Moolya project team is a professional team that unites the common mission - to create a unique ecosystem for start-ups. It is worth noting that they all have great experience and potential.

And we were happy to help you today, keep an eye on this project and also keep an eye on updates in our blog, our team is working to ensure that you receive only the most recent and relevant ICO. Also we have telegram channel where you can see the express news, ICO reviews, changes in bounty and much more. All the best to you and see you soon.
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