However, even in such a dynamically developing area as digital advertising, there are problems and difficulties.

  1. The lack of legal quality advertising repeaters (sites or applications that would distribute content for promotion). Today's opportunities either do not give companies what they need or they are illegal.
  2. The difficulty of quantifying the effectiveness of promotion. It is not always the advertiser will be able to understand whether there was really a sense of the advertising campaign and whether it was worth it.
  3. The lack of security. This problem is no longer about advertisers, but ordinary users. They cannot be sure that their data is properly protected. But the uncertainty of users and beats advertisers.
    All these problems are solved by the new platform SaTT Token based on blockchain technology

The concept of SaTT

SaTT, is a token to disrupt advertising transactions ! The SaTT is an ERC20 token created to facilitate advertising transactions with a smart contract. Using SaTT, payments between advertisers and publishers will be faster, more secure and cheaper by integrating advanced features such as calculations of the amounts to be paid through third-party statistical modules (oracles).
An oracle is an application between the Smart Contract and a data source to relay information on the performance of a campaign or process (number of clicks, number of views, ability to participate, validation of campaign integrity). When an application connects to Google Analytics and returns the volume of a publisher’s traffic on the advertiser’s website at the end of the month to an oracle module, it uses that data to determine if the conditions of the Smart Contract are fulfilled. Several oracles may be involved in the process before a Smart Contract based transaction is approved.
The SaTT is a «token utility» based on blockchain technology that allows exchange of advertising and audience payment. SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offers with all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final renumeration. The Ethereum blockchain is fast, inexpensive, safe and versatile allowing distribution of rewards on the internet traffic market more equitable by removing all the constraints induced by centralized intermediaries.

Advertisers have many tools to publish, quantify and analyze their advertising campaigns.
They can spread their messages through:

  • Content sponsorship, brand content, marketing influencers
  • Presence on community networks
  • Rich Media Campaigns
  • Brand and co-brand websites

The digital advertising market is growing rapidly. In the first half of 2017, the online advertising market represented 1.8 billion Euros, a large increase of 9.8% compared to the first half of 2016. The digital market is far ahead of other media. It represents 33% of investments versus 28.3% for television.

Benefits of SaTT

Instant transactions, safe and functional. No more late payments or expensive banking services.

A decentralized system for quantifying the results of a campaign thanks to third-party applications and smartcontract.

Thanks to SaTT, the world of advertising will move to blockhain generation and enter the web 3.0.

The SaTT platform has several advantages that are relevant for users:

  • networks and other popular platforms for promotion;
  • payment for efficiency - advertisers pay only for those promotion campaigns that really brought results;
  • data protection - all information is stored in the blockchain, which excludes unauthorized access;
  • using smart contracts - they automate the advertising campaign, and its organizer continues to control the situation;
  • many retransmitters of advertising - you can choose any existing channels of promotion on the Internet, including social.

Token and ICO SaTT

Start date ICO SaTT Token - May 1, and now CrowdSale is in full swing. However, you can still have time to take part: the crowdfunding campaign will last until 30 September.
You can buy One SaTT token for $ 0.42, and 420 million coins were issued. If the organizers manage to sell all the tokens intended for implementation at the ICO, they will receive more than $104 million.
You can buy SaTT cryptocurrency for ETH, BTC and us dollars.
Token: SaTT(ERC-20)
Timeline: 01.05.2018 - 20.09.2018
Price: 1 SaTT = 0,42 $
SoftCap: 7 560 000 $
HardCap: 104 160 000 $

Source of information

More information about this project can be found on the official website. Where both the road map and the summary of the project's essence are presented, and of course there is a white paper where you can find more details and deeply immerse yourself in the essence and concept of this project. Also on the official information channels you can receive all the latest information about the development of this project.

WebSite || WhitePaper || Facebook || Twitter || Telegram || Reddit || || Bitcointalk


The project is guaranteed success - it is believed by real users. Investment in SaTT Token is a profitable investment that will pay off many times in the coming months after the full launch of the platform.

And we were happy to help you today, keep an eye on this project and also keep an eye on updates in our blog, our team is working to ensure that you receive only the most recent and relevant ICO. Also we have telegram channel where you can see the express news, ICO reviews, changes in bounty and much more. All the best to you and see you soon.
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