ARROUND — Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology AR has long been a common technology for our phones. Large marketing agencies, firms that specialize in promoting Brands, film companies, amusement parks, game manufacturers have long been using these technologies.
We use the capabilities of this technology and explore all without exception, its capabilities. We all know about virtual reality. It is a world that simulates the human exposure by means of sight, hearing, touch, etc. But the widespread use of AR is still far away. And the main difficulty today is quite expensive production of such marketing and entertainment content, as such orders are now considered a huge rarity, and there are not so many professionals in this field. But what if we introduce this technology to all of us on the blockchain?

Just imagine what will happen when virtuality and reality merge into one, forming a new perfect world. In this new world with advanced features, you'll take a new look at ordinary things and completely change your perception. But to expand these opportunities will help ARROUND

Arround gives us the opportunity to use the services of a decentralized ecosystem, which not only reduces the cost of the widespread introduction of AR technology, but also gives us the opportunity to increase the functionality of services and user interaction, forming an independent economy within ourselves.


Today, advertisers find it extremely difficult to communicate with their target audience through the usual channels of communication. Almost all advertising solutions today are worn to the holes. In humans, they cause only irritation and sometimes aggression. Marketing in its form is dying today, and needs bold and innovative ideas and solutions.

Developers and creators of AR devices also face some problems that need to be solved. The first problem is the lack of demand for AR-content. The second is the lack of so-called cross-platform. There is no such base, platform which would become a link for all devices available today. The market is divided into different opportunities of different platforms and it needs a single system that would unite them all.


Arround solves these two problems at once.

For advertisers, Arround provides an opportunity to comprehensively approach the promotion of its products, using the latest augmented reality technologies, which are extremely interesting and interactive. External advertising does not have enough space, but it is still free in the virtual space, and given what unique opportunities this advertising gives, the advertiser can find its target audience with targeted advertising based on demographic and social data.

For users also prepared the unique features. For example, if we talk about your everyday route to work. Every day is the same, monotonous. But what if every day will be unique and look new? Isn't that wonderful? What about dinosaurs? Arround is also planning to add a dating service, thanks to which users will be able to meet on the go, being close to AR.

ARROUND is definitely a single platform that combines the best of AR technology. Your smartphones, tablets, glasses. Absolutely any of your device can be used to log in. Advertisers and developers can find each other with ease and to conclude the transaction completely safe and personally. All this thanks to smart contracts and blockchain. Arround creates a personal unique constructor. Simple and clear tools which can use absolutely anyone.

Competitive advantage

We can say that the main advantage of Arround over its competitors are partnerships with real businesses, a catalog of services and of course an open system of monetization for each of the owners of its tokens. That's more than enough.
The platform will complement reality in the best way and help in realizing impact on the target audience for your business. It is the whole big ecosystem which will be useful both for the ordinary person, and the companies, brands.

What is the role of the user in the system?

Users can be divided into 6 subgroups.

  • Ordinary users who have access to the basic functions of the platform.
  • Blogger. Advanced user of the system. Advanced features and functionality.
  • Brand. It has a wide functionality.
  • Advertising agent who has the ability to earn money inside the platform and he can create advertising campaigns for any brand.
  • Moderator. They have functionality for system moderation.
  • Company employee. This is a stripped-down version of the agent account.

Business model

The Arround team in its estimates is based on the currently available offers from the real market. All users of the platform receive a wallet on the blockchain. This will allow to decentralize all calculations within the ecosystem, and eventually create an independent economy. All calculations within the framework of the platform are made in ARR project tokens. But the price of advertising space is tied to real currencies. This will be fixed, no auctions.

The creators will be able to make a profit by renting advertising space. Users will be able to receive royalties, bonuses, discounts and other chips from advertisers. Advertisers will get a new source from users\buyers. Service providers will be able to receive periodic profits for the creation and promotion of advertising content. Owners of content and computing power will be able to compensate from the reserve Fund of the project. And the percentage of profit from all transactions within the system.

Token sale

Softcap reached in just 12 minutes! Main Sale is going ON!

✅ Token: ARR
✅ Standard: ERC20
✅ Presale: 1,450,000,000 ARR
✅ Main sale: 245,000,000 ARR (15.09.2018 – 15.11.2018)
✅ Total supply: 3,000,000,000 ARR
✅ Softcap: $ 5,000,000
✅ Hardcap: $ 30,000,000
✅ Tokensale price: 1 ARR = $0.035
✅ 5% discount for purchases over $ 10,000
✅ Extra 30% bonus
✅ Deposit: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
✅ Unsold tokens will be burned.
✅ Raiting - 4.6 IcoBench

Token Sale Bonuses

The Team

More information about the project team can be found on the website

Conclusion: The popularity of the virtual reality industry is growing exponentially every year. There are new ways to use this technology in everyday life. Undoubtedly, the Arround project will be widely distributed among users and in the near future it will be able to become one of the leaders in this industry.

More information

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