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Hello, guys!

How often have you come across the fact that sometimes in order to take an active part in many areas of cryptocurrency activities, you need to register on different resources, have different wallets for different coins, have accounts on different exchanges for trading, look for different courses in order to improve your trading skills?!
There are many such aspects, because the world of cryptocurrencies today is so wide, but all these problems will help you solve the new blockchain project AiBB !
As you may have guessed the first two letters of the Ai project is an artificial intelligence. It is dominating in the technology project and intends to make life of the users of crypto a bit easier.
Overall, AiBB aims to increase your portfolio through the use of artificial intelligence in trading and primarily this app is for beginners and experienced traders as well as for people who want to increase their investments. That's a pretty big statement, isn't it? But AiBB is under the force and let's analyze in more detail what this project offers us.


Ai Assistant - your personal trading assistant at any time ready to follow your instructions, trade, close transactions, assistant is always aware of all the latest news in their field of cryptocurrency and is always ready to point you to the right decision. Imagine that you no longer need to watch hundreds of videos and read tons of books on trading, your electronic assistant did it all for you. You will be able to create and track in real time the current state of your portfolio, make transactions in one click, you will agree that it is very convenient do not need to undergo endless verification on different exchanges to trade safely, trade absolutely any coins directly from your phone.

To start using the services of AiBB , you need to pass the verification, but only once and your status will then apply to the bidding, participation in the ICO. In short, you will have access to all AiBB products.

This is a very important point, because the more you provide your personal data on different sites, the more likely your data will be stolen. This is because different projects have different attitudes to the security of your user data. It's no secret that in this market there are more and more intruders trying to steal personal data. There are no such problems on the AiBB platform. Ai Security has been specially designed with the best security solutions from the banking sector. It will allow you to save your data and most importantly your funds!
By the way, the team took care of your security so much that they even developed their own VPN, which is completely private in order to exclude any contact from the outside world.
Also, the application will have the function of sending funds even without a wallet number, TAP - Token Authentication Protocol itself will recognize which funds and to which wallet to send, you only need to choose a contact.

The application will have the function of sending funds even without a wallet number.
The authentication Protocol recognizes which wallet to send funds to. You only need to select a contact.
In my opinion Ai Voice is one of the most unique feature. This is an opportunity to manage your trading assistant with the help of voice, and it will recognize different languages. You can give commands to the text using Ai Chat. Also, you can make and pay for purchases with cryptocurrency with the help of Ai Pay.

I am sure that this project will be extremely interesting for all market participants, not only beginners. It will greatly simplify and bring closer the adaptation of cryptocurrencies for ordinary people who want to use them on a daily basis!

AIBB token will be used in order to be able to take part in voting, to get access to all portfolio instruments, to pay commissions when exchanging tokens, to get information about the best trading strategies.


The project team is very experienced people from different fields of activity.
Kelghe D’cruz is the CEO. He has more than 16 years of experience in business and has successful projects in education, medicine and software. The team is big enough, there are many strong advisors. Syscoin, STOX and Iagon are partners of AIBB.
A full list and a detailed summary of the team can be found on the project website

Conclusion: AIBB is a very serious project. I think he deserves close attention. It is aimed at improving the entire cryptocurrency market. Great team, great partners and a great idea. These advantages will help to collect the claimed amount. I can only wish them good luck.

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